My Favorite Food (Essay Sample)

My Favorite Food

I cannot say that I am a foodie and I do not go around looking for new food experiences but I do know which food I love. Since I was young, I always loved the taste of fish whether fried as whole or taken as fillets. My mother understood my insatiable love for fish and made sure we had fish at least once every week. Back then, I never knew or understood the health benefits fish had but I knew that it tasted nice. I could have it with rice or just plain and everyone at home respected my choice. As I grew up and began to learn and slowly comprehend the many benefits fish had, I told myself that I had made the best choice. Today, I can have fish every day but just like how I discovered fish, I am in the process of looking for another meal that I can add to my list of favorites. This time round, however, I am looking for a combination of vegetables. But back to fish, writing about it actually makes my mouth water but I will try to fight the urge to find some and finish this piece. In this article, I will provide reasons why I think everyone should eat fish as well as some of the different ways one can prepare fish.

Reasons why everyone should eat fish

  • Only known dietary source of Vitamin D

Vitamins D has been one of the most discussed vitamins in the recent past because of the people’s lack of it. According to a research conducted by Forrest and Stuhldreher (2011), 41.6% Americans are deficient of Vitamin D and do little to nothing to help themselves. However, Leech (2015) categorically states that fish is by far the best known dietary source of Vitamin D. He continues to state that eating fish like herring and salmon will guarantee one the highest amounts of Vitamin D.

  • Helps with depression

Depression can easily lead to death and this is not only a known but proven fact. People often take their lives or simply give up in life and on every relationship they have because they are depressed. However, Leech advices you that by eating fish, you can end up being happier than you were. Currently, depression is considered one of the biggest or prevalent health problems in the world. However, according to Grosso et al. (2014), those who eat fish more regularly, like me, have lower rates of getting or becoming depressed.

  • Reduces one’s rate of getting heart diseases

Heart attack is currently one of the major health concerns. However, eating fish can help prevent or reduce the chances or risks of acquiring a heart disease or getting a heart attack. According to a research done by Mozaffarian and Rimm (2007), eating fish either once or even twice every week reduces one’s chances or risk of dying from any heart disease by 36%. This is a good enough reason to include fish in one’s weekly diet plans. Every year, thousands of people die of heart diseases or heart attack in the US alone. The sad news is people often ignore such reports and studies. For me, however, this reason made me want to eat fish more and I am never going back.

  • Boosts a person’s brain power

Anything that boosts my brain power will certainly be something that I feed on every week. Studies have shown that fish has some important nutrients called the omega-3 fatty acids which can help enhance one’s brain power. If I can get my brain working at its best while am still young then I will definitely seek more of what I am asked to eat. However, I feel like there is little sensitization because few people eat fish and a significant percentage of the ones who do, do not understand why they should never take it off their diet.

  • Improves children’s development

Research also indicates that the omega-3 fatty acids are essential during pregnancy and this is for the development of nervous system as well as the fetus brain. Fish, apparently, is essential in the development of children and will help ensure that a child never has any motor or social as well as communication problems. There will also be no signs of delayed brain development.

  • Enhances one’s skin health

Fish, for those who are concerned with the condition of their skin, also helps in enhancing one’s skin health. Apparently, fish has a component known as EPA which ensures helps to regulate oil production in your skin to help keep your skin hydrated. Additionally, fish helps to preserve one’s skin and can protect a person’s skin from UV-rays.

  • Improves and ensures one has stronger sperms

Men never seem concerned with their sperm count or even whether they have stronger or weaker sperms. However, when one reaches the age where they want children, these details become important. But people do not need to get worried or worked up because by eating fish, one can ensure they have more and stronger sperms.

The reasons highlighted above are only the ones I know and have researched on. However, I believe there are more advantages of eating fish. Therefore, people need to stay interested and read more on why they should eat fish.

Ways you can prepare your fish

  • Grilled fish

Fish only needs a few minutes to cook, therefore, take a few minutes while grilling. Additionally, you will not even require to flip the fillets at times especially if they are even in their thickness. I do love grilled fish and while I do not have it all the time or every week, I love how it tastes.

  • Broiled fish

When I do not have grilled fish, I always consider broiled fish. This is indeed advisable when the weather prevents you from grilling. Broiling is almost the same as grilling and as most chefs will tell you, the procedure for doing both is almost the same.

  • Fried fish

I love fried fish because it is easy and does not involve any hard or difficult procedures. If you wish to fry your fillet or whole fish, you simply need to ensure it is salted and then place it on a pan which has oil. This is an easy and fun way of preparing fish and you can have it with anything.

Finally, fish is indeed delicious and I have no regrets of having it as my favorite food. Currently, I feel like I know so much about fish that I can start advising people about its advantages. However, if you have ever come across any study that asks you to eat more fish, just do because it is often true.


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