Love (Essay Sample)


When I was a little child, I did not know what love meant and it was just in my mind that responsibility is love. The way my parent did several things as I was growing up that made me notice something good about love. Love is not just responsibility but it goes beyond what we as humans think and feel. Even in the Christian religion, it is believed that God is love. When individuals love each other, then God is in us because God is love. Love is a complex thing to explain but one needs to understand that love grows in someone before it is extended to the next person. Even the Bible clearly tells us to love your neighbor as you love yourself. This means that to Christians are supposed to love their neighbor as they clearly love themselves. Therefore, it is right to state that love is a complex attachment and obsession. Nowadays, due to the changing time and growth of different generations, love has become very hard to be explained. Different people have a different understanding of love. Some have disposed their love in a dustbin and have viewed love as dirt because they have been hurt broken, while others have cherished and taken care of their love. Depending on the circumstance one is in, that’s how he or she can explain love. To me, love is a connection and not just any connection but connection attached with strong emotions between coinciding heart and mind. It is a strong feeling of attachment that cannot hurt one party. Love covers all the things happening around us. Though there are different types of love, including agape, parental love, teen love, and others. However, all of them have one thing in common, it is an attachment that grows inside. So, this essay seeks to describe love, types of love as well as what love entails.

In order for one to understand the real meaning of love or someone being in love, we need to have a simple illustration. It always begins with a simple spark, where two individuals meet each other. They develop a connection which in which friendship thrives in. The connection with time matures and gets stronger through the likings and admiration. These interests are always common among them and act as a binding factor for interests; for instance, they both like traveling, expensive cars or have an interest in education. Time goes by and the two start to care for each other accepts everything in one’s life and overcome obstacle in case difficulties.

Another aspect evolved in between the two is trust. They now have one thing to embrace which is friendship. The concern and the positive attitude towards each other and the care in between them make them go to another level. That level is being the best friends. Best friends is a type of love that connects them. No matter what the situation is, no matter the difficulty, no matter the condition one is in, they look out for each other. This care and concern grow inside them and with time, one may express his or her affection towards another person. Affection is another stage of love. On this stage, the grown-up adults would go beyond doing normal things that friends do. They may start to buy flowers, spending time together and also caring for each other feelings. The fate of this relationship at this point is unknown because they are still building it.

This point in life usually determines if the love is blind or is heading to a bright future. When this affection has grown and grown, they may decide to call off the title of ‘best friends’ into a romantic relationship. At this point, it is evident enough that love has indeed grown and matured in them having done all things to show the care and concern, the two will now be in love. At this point, you can describe love as a process not that a mere interaction. Love is a process that involves strong affection between two individuals. However, some may through away the issue of romance and still remain friends. In cases where the two do not coincide in their affection, separation comes in.

Love is similar to work this means one party need to express his or her feelings when the other person corresponds. Even though one can be in love alone but true love exists when both parties are into each other. The two who have expressed the passion for each, later on, finalize with engagement. This engagement is a proof that both parties are prepared to love one another till death, in the same process some may date for even ten years some may date even for three years. But what is important is the love in between them.

Another type of love is the love of a parent, parental love. When a child is born, the baby is received with gratitude and accepted by the society. The child thrives in a loving family where the father provides everything; the mother takes care of the little angle while there are sisters they enjoy growing up with the little one. Mothers love is one of the greatest loves one can receive while on Earth. The mother will always express her love in different ways. Some may be harsh on kids and she clearly cannot tolerate while others are so gentle. Mothers have proved to love by the things they do to their children. The love that the mother possesses is very genuine and usually comes from the heart. A child will grow up knowing that he or she has a mother who is very caring. Fathers have also proved their genuine love through care, concern, and provision. A child who is loved by his or her father always becomes very happy and grows up depending on his father. Though three are challenges that come up when a child grows up but both parents have always stood up for their children in time of need. Parental love exists and is true and genuine.

In conclusion, love is a two-way affair that involves two parties. Love covers all. When one loves something, his mind, body, and soul, it’s a reflection of love. Two can meet; then, with time, their love grows. Parents also have shown that indeed true love exists in this world. What parents have done for the children is a clear indication of love.

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