Israel-Palestine Conflict (Essay Sample)

Essay on Israel-Palestine conflict

The Israel –Palestine conflict is one of the longest conflicts in the Middle East; these two nations have been fighting for many years, with no solution to end the war. Both Palestine and Israel have been fighting to dominate the territory along the borders, including places like the West Bank. Since the conflict began, many families have been displaced with the property being destroyed. Thousands of Palestine’s are refugees in their own country. The Israeli occupation of Palestine land annoyed the Palestine, especially when the Israel built a wall known as the wall of hate. The wall enabled Israel to control the movement of Palestine as it isolated that from accessing basic services.

Causes of conflict between Israel and Palestine

Palestine’s have always felt oppressed by the Israeli government   who restrict their movement. The wall is made of concrete and is higher than the Berlin wall in Germany and surrounded by razor wires. Palestinians are frequently stopped at checkpoints, and people are detained for hours if suspected to be part of the Palestinian militia group. Besides building the wall, Israel frequently invaded Palestine areas until a resolution was passed by the united nation to divide the land, Israel took more land compared to Palestine.  Today, after long fighting, Israel is bigger than it was back then because it has taken most of Palestinian land.

History of the conflict

Palestine –Israel conflict started way back when some few Jews decided to call themselves Zionists meaning the return of Jews ancestral land.  The homeland was called Zion or Israel, and Jerusalem was a holy city of Jew known as the city of Zion. The Zionists were not political, but fought for their religious beliefs. They believed that they could pray better in their homeland Zion that was Israel. With time politics started influencing their thinking Zion movement had a political meaning the Jews decided that they were not just religious groups fighting for their rights, but they wanted to become a nation, today, the  Zion movement is part of Jews nationalism. Jews believe that they need to have a Jews state and should be permanent, independent and secure.  The issues related to boundaries and the nature of government, its relationship with other countries, especially America are some of the major causes of dispute between Palestine and Israel.

Looking back at history, by 1948 more than 860,000 Palestinians lived in Israel, but were driven out during frequent fighting especially when Israel has declared the state.   The Palestine’s population in Jerusalem reduced from 75,000 to 3,500   the most affected areas were Jaffa, Haifa, and Tiberias. Palestine’s became refugee losing 8000,000 acres to Israel. With frequent war, Palestinian lost many resources. The conflict between these two countries has become part of the international discussion; international players like the United Nations have been involved in resolving this dispute through negotiation.

The peace negotiation to end the conflict

Several rounds of negotiation have been mediated by the Middle East leader and other countries, like the US, Russia, the European Union leaders and the United Nations.  The Arab League has always proposed alternative peace plan. However, the main people involved in negotiating for peace have varied views. For instance, Russia has recognized Hamas as being legitimate, and their control of the Gaza Strip is justified.  The Russian government has always supported Mahmud Abbas as their Palestinian leader. The US has always supported Israel; the US has supported one of the powerful Evangelical Christian movements in Israel.  The US offers financial support to Israel with more than $ 3 billion annually.  Israel groups in the US are well financed by the US government as the US guarantee Israel more support to support arms manufacturing.

One of the successful peace negotiation between the two sides was witnessed in 2007 in Maryland, where the final resolution involved the parties agree on how to handle issues like the Israeli settlements, the places of worship, a Palestinian state , the Israel west bank barrier among other  key issues. The initial peace talk began in 1991 after Likud lost the parliamentary election. The labor party led by Yitzhak Rabin formed a new government and was more lenient.  After decades of violence the Palestine labor leader in 1993 Yasir Arafat, and then the prime minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin met for negotiations in the US   signing a treaty that enhanced self-rule for Palestine in Israeli occupied areas.

Another treaty was later signed in Cairo, the Gaza –Jericho agreement in 1994   that addressed four main issues. These included security arrangements for civilians, civil affairs, economic relation and legal implications of this agreement. The agreement also supported the withdrawal of Israeli military from both Jericho and Gaza and transferring authority from Israel to Palestinian authority. With an intensive diplomatic effort from the US,   another agreement between the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu and Yasser Arafat agreed in 1996 on the way forward for both countries.

Other causes of constant conflict Palestine and Israel

With a history of conflict between Israel and Palestinians, other recent issues have caused conflict like the decision of Israel to open an archeological site. Muslims feared that the decision would interfere with the holy site in Aqsa Mosque compound and will undermine the holiest shrine. The tunnel excavation dispute is one of the causes of rising tension between Arabs and Israel that can be associated with historical events between the two countries. Issues of politics, uneven resource allocation, and nationalism have affected peace talk between ideals and Palestinians. It is not surprising that the Israel–Palestine conflict has a long history. Given the importance of the archeological history of ideals and Palestine areas, no wonders that other nations have been involved. The religious significance of Jerusalem for Jews people and Christina across the world itself is enough reason to oppose Israel’s move to occupy the area.

Both sides of Israel and Palestine want to occupy the holy city, to pray peacefully without any restrictions. There is more involved than just the archeological and religious appeal each side wants to win over the other. The conflict between the Israeli and Palestinian is a long struggle that will remain unresolved for a long time.  A mutual recognition of Palestine border and its government will minimize the conflict, but cannot guarantee peace in this region forever.

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