Inner Beauty (Essay Sample)

Definition of Inner beauty

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in reality, some of the most beautiful things or concepts that exists were felt within or hearts rather that seen by our eyes. There is a beauty that exist not for the viewer to look at but for the receiver to sense it beyond the physical visual stimuli and within a deeper part of a person. It is something which we call, inner beauty. What is inner beauty? Is it something that ugly people state in order to make themselves feel better? Probably not, this perspective might come from the people who feel offended by the confidence of others because true beauty is radiating an inner character that makes us accept and love ourselves.

Inner beauty is something that is possessed by those who are comfortable in being themselves and those who are able to live in the present moment by moment. Inner beauty radiates from these kinds of people because they are able to make each moment beautiful in their own ways by sharing their innate character of being loving, caring, and humorous.

In our society today, when you ask the average person about the characteristics of a beautiful person, they would probably provide descriptions of physical traits which they find attractive on a person according to their subjective perspective. Some might say that they see beauty in curvy bodies or muscles, pretty eyes, and luscious lips, smooth skin and long hair and many more attributes of the physical parts of a person. Rarely do we get answers that pertain to an inner character or trait such as being courageous and kind, funny and creative, passionate and talented. Why? This is probably because our society has forgotten the true essence of life such that it has become so materialistic. Much have forgotten that they have their hearts to navigate through in the world. Our hearts see true beauty, inner beauty. It recognizes beyond facades that which is truthful and pleasurable in our lives. It speaks to us in our inner being and shows us the magnificence and the awesomeness of the mystery of life, and that for me, is the definition of inner beauty.

Beauty, in society’s standards, pertain to a set of traits that the collective has idealized as the perfect man or woman. People would often say that the perfect woman is a woman with large breasts, small waists, and curvy hips, and the perfect man has 6-pack abs, muscular biceps, and a big cock. All of whom have attractive faces and awesome hairstyles. This kind of response is the general reaction of many and this makes members of the society insecure and somewhat expect something extra-ordinary in their ordinary lives. The reality is, not all men and women have those traits, and actually, those who have belong to the ultra- minority, a small percentage of the total population. However, beauty can be found in each and one of the people. We just have to learn how to “look” for them. However, looking does not mean seeing with the eyes, rather, it is more of a probing with our intellect and our feelings which objects and concepts make life more beautiful.

In this modern society, it is normal for people to look up at other people who have physically attractive faces and bodies. The culture of our society glorifies the external appearances so much that it has been more and more acceptable and normal to have surgery in order to alter physical appearances. More and more people are going under the knife in order to “fix” something about themselves. Some get bigger boobs and bigger butts, sexy lips and chin adjustments and some even go the extent of getting implants for fake muscles and height enhancements. It’s not that having plastic surgery is bad, but that there is another way of perceiving ourselves as beautiful. We can do this by reconnecting within ourselves, and realizing truth, that everything that happens, happens for a reason, and true beauty lies in the way that we give our love and share our happiness and wisdom towards the people within our lives.

The way that people have judged about what is beautiful have changed all through-out humanity’s history. Every era has a different set of ideal traits that describe their subjective view of beauty. However, the greatest evidence that beauty is subjective is the culture to which one belongs to. Some would say that ivory white smooth skin is the prettiest, while some may say that black skin covered in battle scars are. Some might say that they like men with beard attractive, while some may say that they are scared of men with beards. These opinions only add to the argument that true and inner beauty cannot be seen outside but something that is probed from within. Men and women are perceived through different standards but each person can radiate true beauty from within their hearts. There is no consistent measure of physical beauty, but inner beauty can always be seen in kindness, happiness, pleasure and wisdom.

It’s not that attractiveness to physical beauty has not served humanity. It probably came from our biological design to seek better physical traits from a mate in order to create the offspring with the highest chance of survival in a harsh environment where others people or species could easily end you. However, in our present society, people have the intellect and heart of differentiating and categorizing things and it might be high time that more members of society regain their ability to intuit and know true beauty. We now live in a time where the whole of humanity is evolving beyond the physical and getting more and more conscious and spiritual. People are learning to connect to an inner being, an inner space that knows true and inner beauty. It is through reconnecting to this source that inner beauty can be propagated from within each person. By reconnecting to this source, people are able to feel the world and their life through their hearts, and from the heart naturally radiates the light of creation, the passion of creativity, the glory of action and the bliss of the moment, and the blessing of kindness, all of which are manifestations of Love. Love in the end, is true inner beauty, love is our true selves, and it is what makes the world truly beautiful.

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