How Do You Define Success? (Essay Sample)

How Do You Define Success?


When we say success, this is referred to as a form of accomplishment that a person achieved. Success is attained when the goal and purpose has been fully applied. A person becomes triumphant when they achieved a certain goal relevant to their career. A successful person starts gaining respect from another person who became productive in their career. This is because accomplished individuals are aware that every success is the fruit of all sacrifices that has been rendered to reach their ambition.

A success story does not concentrate on one person alone. Achievement of success is applied to groups, organization, or a community in a consistent manner. It implies that success could bring a life-changing transformation that turns an involved individual into a productive entity of the society. Success inspires both the young and the older generations to improve their skills and knowledge as better units of the community.

Defining Success

What is a success? Success is referred to as an achievement of a plan, action, cause, or a system. The purpose of success is to convert all plans into actions in an efficient and accurate manner. A person or group who succeeded in accomplishing task starts making them feel ecstatic because they fulfilled a certain task.

How a Success is achieved?

Success is achieved when there is a support mechanism towards a person who is currently accomplishing their tasks. The support can be either tangible or intangible for as long as the purpose is to motivate and fasten the chances of accomplishing the goal. Examples are graduating from college, finishing a project, and successfully reporting a plan while supported by parents, peers, and mentors (Hannon, 2014).

Patience is associated with success. Every person becomes patient whenever they are seeking accomplishments. The mechanism of this structure shows that there is an attitude that expects something challenging before accomplishing a task. Patience leads to success when overcoming challenges before achieving a goal.

Success is achieved when a person has the talent to accomplish tasks in a phenomenal way. This is based on their physical and verbal abilities to attain goals faster than average individuals. One example is singing, fast flexibility, and being an artistic individual that is highly efficient to accomplish goals on their subject of expertise.

An intellect can help a person or a group achieves success through proper logic and strategy. Intelligence ensures an efficient and accurate reasoning faculty through the objective understanding of concepts and practice. Example is using the memory and logical capacity of an individual or group to use strategies when accomplishing certain tasks (Flecha & Soler, 2013).

A success is sometimes attainable when using finances to reach a goal. This is when a person has a large amount of savings or monetary assets to pay all services that are needed to accomplish a certain task. This is when a person hires another person to work for a certain task with a hefty amount of wage benefit.

Challenges in Defining Success

There are restrictive laws that limit the path to success. These are laws that are very conservative and traditional in an operating institution. The conservative principle of companies restricts modernization that can cause a conflict of interest to a certain task. As a result, there are goals that fail to accomplish its goals.

When a person suffers from financial shortages, it limits the movement of tasks that can eventually delay success. There are tasks that heavily rely on funding in order to operate effectively and accurately. If there is no fund or financial support to the tasks, it can affect the ongoing operations or progress of actions or procedures to meet one main goal.

A communication problem is regarded as a challenge when managing an activity that aims to accomplish goals. This is because there is a wrong interpretation of information from the resource person that leads to a conflict of interest. As a result, there is a misunderstanding between two or more individuals that can cause a conflict of interest when accomplishing a certain task.

Technical glitches can delay the path of success that occurs on a regular basis. Problems concerning technical glitches usually affect companies or entities that heavily rely on computer networks. This is when there are problems dealing with the communication facilities. Examples are the loss of telecommunications signals, hacking of personal files, and manipulation of data.

Strategies to Improve Success Attainment

Asking for a support from other individuals or groups can fasten the process in attaining success. There are volunteers whom you can rely to achieve your goals on a shorter duration than expected. This is because there will be more participants who can improve the progress of all relevant tasks to achieve success.

Financial assistance is considered a strategy to improve success. This is because when you have available financial resources to finish your goal for a certain day, success is always attainable. You can easily purchase items that are relevant to fulfill your duties such as paying for the reports, transportation, wardrobe, and security.

Consistency is the key to become successful. It is important to have faith in your own strategy, style, and techniques to create a more unified process on achieving success. Never allow temptation to disrupt your strategy on meeting your expectations because these are distractors that could challenge your ability to achieve dreams (Gutman & Schoon, 2013).

A person who is always adaptive to any change can define the essence of success. This is when they expect that there are always changes that affect their procedures and goals. Successful individuals are always ready to adjust their current routine in accordance with the changing rules or differences with the cultures.


As they say,” success is not always definite, you should always define it” (Flecha & Soler, 2013). This quote tells us that nobody attains success unless they fight for it. Defining the real meaning of success is not just by saying the definition of the term. A person should prove their worth in order to attain the most important mission that they can reward their success. Overcoming challenges or obstacles are just part of the process before reaching success. The reason behind is that challenges are always there to test your strengths and patients before proving your capability as a deserving person to become a future inspirational model to the society (Ko, Sadler, & Galinsky, 2015).


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