Educational Goals

Educational Goals

Educational goals are statements that refer to the skills, attributes, and competencies that a student should possess upon completing a particular learning program. Educational purposes may differ among various individuals. Some people just want to know how to read, write, speak and be able to do mathematical calculations. Others are in pursuit of knowledge so that they can lead a better life in future. Educational goals are meant to encourage learners to be creative and cooperate with one another rather than compete. Educational goals help students to learn how to apply the knowledge they acquired instead of only memorizing the work and give answers during tests. When I see children going to school I always ask myself what they will be like when they have finished their courses. Educational goals differ among individuals.

The first goal of education is to be able to solve problems and think critically. Learning helps learners to look at things from all perspectives. The learning exercise helps students to open up their mind to how society works. It helps learners understand how the society we live in today came to be. Through history, learners can learn how our forefathers were able to solve various crises over the years. It is this kind of knowledge that helps learners to acquire skills that are important in decision making. People who are well educated are informed and can be able to define a right and wrong. It is this kind of thinking that helps one solve problems and make right decisions.

Education plays a significant role in one’s discipline. Learning institutions across the world are running on a specific routine. This routine helps an individual to know the importance of timekeeping, exercise and be able to work independently. School programmes help individuals to learn how to operate independently. School uniforms also help learners to appreciate the importance of neatness. Most institutions have a games programme. This helps students from different levels to come together and play. This promotes respect among the students whether you are young or old. Children are taught to respect their teachers hence they develop natural respect for their elders. The strict routine in our institutions today helps us to turn our young boy and girls into responsible men and women in society. Integrity and self-respect. Education is supposed to help the learner to become a morally upright citizen. By teaching us the consequences of bad behavior and immorality, knowledge helps us to be better people. When people understand the implications of breaking laws and the effect it has on society, it creates awareness which makes people responsible hence law and order.

Education promotes diversity. School helps us to learn how to write and speak various languages. Learning helps we learners to know how to do simple calculations. By learning on how to speak different languages, it enables people from different origins to share ideas, conduct business, and learn each other’s ways of life. Schools all over the world admit learners from different backgrounds, communities, races tribes and even countries. During their course of learning, this students share their different cultures, religious beliefs and come to care about one another. Through sharing, learners get to understand each’s unique ability and each other’s differences. By getting to understand each other’s point of difference they get to live well amongst themselves. Learning institutions promote social integration. It helps learners to learn more about other people and countries. Through education, people can work anywhere in the world and live peacefully with the locals.

Give back to society. It is every child’s dream to get educated, go to college, graduate and find a well-paying job and give back to society. Society helps bring us up, nurture us to be responsible adults. Our parents make it their life’s work to ensure that we get the best quality of education. They believe that once they have completed their responsibility, they will get to sit down and enjoy the fruits of their life’s work. Making our society a better place should be one of our primary educational is the hope of a better tomorrow that encourages us to work hard and aim higher. Giving back to society when we have achieved our dreams should be our primary educational goal. Helping the needy in society, ensuring that everyone has access to education, providing shelter for orphans and even taking care of the elderly in the community should be our principal goal because education is the key to a better way of life.

Being lifelong learners is the most basic educational goal. Being passionate about knowledge and ready to take risks. A learner should be able to make great use of the world around them well. Education should not stop with a good job or old age. Education is a long life process. Our main objective should be to acquire all the knowledge we can. Have the moral courage to go to school even at old age, see anything new that you are interested in and follow it. Get every resource available on it, read many books on that particular subject, take a pen and a paper and write about it. Pass down the knowledge to others. Share ideas even after retirement, be a good example to people who look up to you. Prove to them that learning is a process and it never ends.

To be creative, independent, a lifelong learner, able to read and write well, to have integrity, self-respect and moral courage, diversity, being able to solve problems and think critically, perseverance, giving back to the society and being able to make good use of the resources around us well and truly enjoy life, to me, this is the kind of educational goals that are real. Everyone believes that at the end of a learning programme, graduates should be disciplined, creative and courageous. These are the personal qualities that learners should aim at. I want to see graduates who care about themselves and the world. All these educational goals point into one direction; a thinker and a doer. That should be our only educational goal, being able to come up with ideas and execute them.

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