Depression (Essay Sample)


In life generally, we often encounter different experiences. They can either be pleasant or unpleasant. These experiences often change our moods, and they can either be positive or negative depending on the particulars of each. Some experiences cannot be avoided such as the death of a loved one cannot be avoided hence we have to face the changes that come after. This mostly results in many people either leading a different life or leading their normal lives albeit with huge scars on their hearts. Most people often feel lonely or are heartbroken and think that they cannot do without their loved one(s) and sometimes wish that they could have gone with them. In most cases, feeling desolate and lonely makes many people go into depression. Depression is a prevalent disease lately. Research shows that depression is a negative mood and like any other disease, it requires treatment before it claims the life of a person. When one goes into deep depression, it can be quite challenging to help them overcome it. Though depression can be cured, it is best that it is prevented before it consumes someone. However, to prevent depression, one ought to know what the causes are to be able to know how to prevent it as well as treat it.

There are many ways in which one can go into depression. Some of them are by environmental factors such as the change in weather and temperature, leading a stressful life and living in stressful environments, psychological problems such as low self-esteem and anxiety, abuse and other personal issues among others. Depression does not have a major cause. Any of the above factors can make one go into depression thus it is important that it is prevented early enough to avoid drastic consequences such as death. Leading a stressful life can make one go into depression very fast. This is because one gets to encounter hardships most of the time to the extent that they see no point to continue living. Additionally, leading a stressful life and living in a stressful environment can make one commit suicide since they cannot bear the weight of the hardships they are undergoing. It is much better when a person in such a situation is helped or seeks help early enough before they get to the point where they see no purpose to continue living.

Psychological problems such as low self-esteem and anxiety can make one fall into depression fast. When one does not have confidence in themselves, they do not value their worth and consider themselves trivial and insignificant. A majority of these people are often secluded from others and do not want to associate themselves with other people. Additionally, most of the time, they perceive that they are not worth living or having healthy relationships with other people. When it comes to anxiety, people do not acknowledge it as one of the chief causes of depression. However, when one is eagerly waiting for something to happen, for instance, to get a job or waiting for the final judgment of a case, they can fall into depression. Some may end up not getting the job or being convicted of a crime they did not commit. A person who has eagerly been seeking employment for quite a while can easily give up and think that there is no need to continue looking for a job since they believe they will not get hired. Moreover, this lowers their self-confidence and makes them believe that they are not worth getting employed or that they look like criminals for them to be convicted.

Environmental factors such as the change in weather and temperature especially hot weather conditions make one’s health deteriorate, especially people who have prolonged health issues. Their bodies try to adjust to the different weather conditions, but when it gets too hot, many of them end up feeling sorry for themselves and wonder whether they will ever get to recover. This state puts many people in a stressful situation mainly because they feel powerless against nature. Physical health is the basis of one’s mental health. Having poor health conditions affects one’s mental health which leads to depression. It is important for one to take good care of their health to avoid worsening their mental health.

While growing up, some people have undergone many forms of abuse sexual abuse and physical abuse, and this mainly comes from people they are close to including their parents or relatives. This affects them both mentally and emotionally since some do not know how they can avoid such situations. Many people who grow having undergone such abuses are often affected mentally thus they often find it hard to associate themselves with other people. Most of them feel inferior and consider themselves unclean. Victims of sexual abuse are the ones who are prone to going into depression at a faster rate than others. What they go through makes it hard for them to engage themselves with the activities other people do because they believe that once people get to know the ordeal they have gone through, they will criticize them and think ill of them. However, it is important that one gets to sit down with them and help them overcome the thoughts of such encounters. This is because, to some, it may be hard to take it all in and the only option that seems available to them is committing suicide.

The above causes of depression can be dealt with quite early before one’s situation wanes. People often choose the easy way out which is death or suicide, but if identified and treated early enough, a person’s life can indeed be saved. As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure. It is better to prevent one from going into depression by talking to them to discover what their problem is and offering them help to battle through it. This will help them have a sense of belonging and consider themselves worthy individuals.

In conclusion, depression is a widespread disease globally, and like any disease, it is better it gets treated early before the situation worsens. Many victims of depression mainly often end up committing suicide which to them is better and easier than enduring the pain and misery of their ordeals. Furthermore, there are methods of preventing depression such as counseling which can be indeed helpful and help out these people overcome whatever thoughts and memories they have of their previous encounters and experiences.

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