Causes Of American Revolution (Essay Sample)

Causes of American Revolution

Our class teacher used to give us various stories about the past. Old stories concerning life and how we came into existence were majorly narrated to us. One time he gave a brief history about America for father. One student asked a question, why did our fore father rebel and help revolution in America yet we are all human beings. After the teacher giving the correct answer I came to realize that indeed there are several aspects that the founding fathers saw that made them rebel. American Revolution is not just for academic purposes but one should understand that, it is that revolution that gave birth to the new, modern America of today. The revolution was mainly by rebelling the British colonies and British administration. It started when the British government came with certain regulations which did not favor the Americans. Initially the founding fathers were actually contented with the British colonies but what transpired to the revolution is the repeated refusal of the American citizens representing any American colony, harsh taxes imposed, and the governing rule which became a major reason for revolution. However there are also certain causes that transpired to the rebellion, but majorly the British administration were mean and self-centered. This essay ‘the causes of revolution in America’ seeks to describe the harsh imposition of taxes, the restriction and freedom of location, government control, corruption and the criminal injustices and the justice system.

Harsh Taxation

One of the major causes that led our founding fathers to rebel the British administration is the imposition of harsh tax on commodities such as tea and stamps without any representation of their own American citizen in parliament (History, 2017). For many years before revolution began, the British parliament passed harsh taxation laws without the consent of the Americans. This imposition of taxes were majorly because the British government had full control of America and the people did not have anyone to represent them during discussion and passage of the parliament rules and laws. For instance, the British parliament in 1773 passed the tea act that saw the Americans pay an additional tax on their own tea. At the time the tea taxation was not high, the colonialists did not argue about taxation but after the parliament passed the laws, the Americans felt a great burden. This created frustration to the Americans that led to several shipments being damped in Boston harbor. This is a clear representation of how the British rule in taxation was extremely harsh to Americans. Secondly the declaratory act that was passed by the Great Britain led to the rebellion. The act gave the British power and full authority of making the laws on taxation in any case whatsoever without involvement of the Americans. This declaration act made the American feel their rights as not being respected by the British administration. The feeling of oppression and the inability to control anything transpired to the revolution which saw the Americans fight and resist the British.  Another harsh taxation is the stamp act.  In 1765, the stamp act was passed by the British parliament. The act saw every paper document being taxed for instance, newspapers, wills, and legal documents including playing cards. We all know paper is a daily commodity and with harsh taxation, the British showed full control of any American’s life. This showed injustice and led to the revolution in America. As more laws on taxation grew up, the founding fathers resisted and rebel by fighting the British government that led to the revolution in America.

Restriction of Location and Freedom

The geographical location and boundaries between the British and Americans also made the founding fathers rebel. The Great Britain almost created a situation where to gain independence was indeed hard to overcome by any means to the Americans. The Great Britain had strong independent streak, which saw them gain access to opportunities and freedom. The proclamation played a vital role in 1763. As the French and Indian war ended, the famous king George made a decree that prohibited further colonization in the west in the Appalachians Mountain. His intention was to normalize the relationship with the Native Americans. A good number of American settlers had received land grants or made purchase of land. This decree was however ignored by the sellers as they moved beyond ‘the proclamation line’ after there was much lobbying. The freedom defended by white American caused the revolution in America (Taylor, 2016).

The Government Control

The presence and existence of British legislature meant that the colonialists were independent of their own government. The British government was allowed to pass crucial laws, organize troops and mostly levy tax. Overtime the powers possessed by British government became rights to the Americans after great struggle in trying to fit in the British rule. The reining government of the Great Britain had powers to curtail any newly elected bodies. This allowed the British government to have full authority during legislation while the colonialists less power over the reigning British empire. It is this small rebellious body that gave rise to the American leaders and the heroic struggle for the sake of liberty from the British governance saw them victorious (Wood, 2003).

Corruption and Control of British Government

The British government gave more authority to the British officials that led to the spread of corruption. ‘Writs of assistance’ was one of the issues that led to rebellion. The British soldiers were given authority to search, inspect and size any property or trade commodity they deemed illegal or maybe the goods are smuggled (Wallace, 2014). The authority gave them ability to entire warehouses, ships and private homes for unnecessary search. By doing this, some abused the power to involve corruption. The fourth amendment in the constitution was changed because James Otis a Boston lawyer, who fought for the American right and managed to defeat the inflamed level of resilience by the British. The third amendment allowed the British soldiers to be housed by colonialists. This infuriated the Americans since some abused them and it was costly to them. All this led to various resistances and was among causes of American Revolution.

The criminal justice system

Trade and power was under the control of the British government, due to these powers the Justice system was crooked since people were imprisoned over fighting their own rights. Alexander MacDougall was imprisoned for libel because his work ‘to the betrayed inhabitants of city and new York colony ‘was published. The Boston massacre also contributed to the injustices in America. To make issues worse, trials were replaced by punishment and verdict offered down to the British judges. This made many fair trials to be completely impossible. These injustices by the British made the colonists to rebel and became one the causes of revolution.


The revolution in America was greatly influenced by several key issues. Although other countries went through the same colonialism by British but in America the fight was greatly influenced by the inability to have power over state and trade. The new modern America is as a result of rebellion by the American founding father. Our attribute goes for those who managed to conquer the British and managed to give birth to new leaders and presidents in America


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