Causes And Effects Of Global Warming (Essay Sample)

Causes and Effects of Global Warming

There are diverse challenges impinging our environment. Destruction of the forests, pollution, and the use of every of our earth’s natural resources are among a few. Nonetheless, none of these problems is as serious as global warming as it affects both everyone and everything. Global warming refers to the rise of the temperature within the atmosphere as a result of carbon dioxide emission (Haldar, 2011).  Individuals must put matters in their own hands by taking serious actions towards stopping this catastrophe, moreover, must recognize the magnitude of this issue before things go from bad to worse. The future solely relies on actions we take towards slowing global warming. Accordingly, it is important to understand the causes as well as consequences of global warming.

Causes of Global Warming

Scientists have linked global warming with an increase in greenhouse gases within the air generated via human undertakings, for instance, deforestation, combustion of non-renewable sources, in other term fossil fuels among others. These activities generate huge quantities of greenhouse gas production which is the primary cause of global warming. According to White (2017), greenhouse gases absorb heat within the globe’s atmosphere in order towards keeping the earth warm towards sustaining existence; this natural method is referred as the greenhouse effect, which is a natural process. With the absence of these gases, the universe will be cold on behalf of sustaining human beings, as well as other living things.

The greenhouse effect occurs because of stability of the main kinds of greenhouse gases. Nonetheless, whenever unusually high degrees of these gases mount up within the temperature, a lot of heat begins getting confined, besides, results in the development of greenhouse effect. Man-made generated discharges have been linked with heightening greenhouse degrees that are increasing global temperatures as well as triggering global warming.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions As Well As The Enhanced Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse gases are generated naturally as well as via human undertakings. Unluckily, greenhouse gases produced via human undertakings are accumulated towards the air to an extremely higher degree compared to any natural method may eradicate them. Overall degrees of greenhouse gases have tremendously amplified following Industrial Revolution. Just a few groups of human undertakings are triggering the accumulation of major greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide, fluorinated gases, methane, and nitrous oxide to increase (White, 2017).

The Common of human carbon dioxide productions comes from the combustion of non-renewable sources, for instance, petroleum, coal and so on so that human beings may power automobiles, generate electricity, and keep warm. Other vital sources originate from industry such as cement manufacturing. Methane is generated via mankind during the usage and production of non-renewable sources, livestock as well as crop farming (White, 2017). Fluorinated gases are utilized within cooling, refrigeration, as well as manufacturing applications. Nitrous oxide emissions originate from the utilization of synthetic fertilizers, fossil fuel burning as well as livestock manure management.


For the last 7 decades, deforestation has been an enormous activity via human beings and converting forestry to farms possess danger in relation to greenhouse gas emissions. For decades, humans have burned as well as cleared forests with an aim of clearing land in lieu of cultivation. This possesses a serious impact on the ecosystem through releasing carbon dioxide in the air and concurrently lessening the plants which may clear carbon dioxide in the environment (White, 2017).

Whenever forests are cleared, soil disturbance, as well as heightened degrees of decay within converted soils, generates carbon dioxide productions. Additionally, this raises soil corrosion, as well as nutrient percolating that, may additionally lessen the region’s capability towards acting like carbon sink.

Effects of Global Warming

Melting of Glaciers

Melting of glaciers generates a plethora of complications for mankind and other living things on the globe (Goldman, Kumagai, & Robarts, 2013). As a result of raised global warming, the sea level will automatically rise that will result in flooding, consequently creating havoc among human life. Moreover, it will likewise endanger numerous species of living things and therefore, hampering the balance of the environment.

Regions within the Arctic are fading away, besides, flowing in main oceans. Increasing temperatures generates a great threat towards wildlife as well as entire environments within these areas. Having glaciers melting at immense rates, a series of actions is being produced, which cannot be reversed.

Climate change

Unbalanced weather patterns have by now began showing outcomes. Raised precipitation in terms of rain has been experienced within polar as well as sub-polar areas. Extra global warming will cause additional evaporation that will trigger more rains. Both plants and animals cannot simply adapt towards raised rainfall. Plants might die and animals might migrate to different regions, which may cause the whole ecology out of balance (Casper, 2010).


Whereas it might be flooding within Savannah, serious drought is occurring elsewhere within the globe. As temperatures increases, the existence of drought has raised within the Western United State (Casper, 2010). In addition to no precipitation and heat waves, entire forests have started to vanish comprising thousands of trees within Colorado’s Rockies.

Huge scale evaporation will become the primary cause of droughts within numerous places especially Africa. Even though it is revolving under the large pressure of water calamity, raised global warming could additionally make the condition worse and will trigger malnutrition.


As temperature becomes extra warm, it may impact the health of human beings and the illnesses they are vulnerable to. With the rise in the rain, waterborne illnesses are prone to spread such as malaria (Haldar, 2011). The globe will become very warm, thus heat waves are prone towards increasing, which may trigger a severe effect on the humans.

Frequent Wildfires

Whereas wildfires are as a result of natural causes, with the extra carbon dioxide within the air, as well as hotter summers, the proof is vivid. More regular wildfires keep on surfacing in diverse amounts every year (Haldar, 2011). The degree at which they combust is higher than the last, besides, with the emission of carbon dioxide in the air, individual’s lives are in danger, also wildlife greatly suffers. Every time there is a wildfire, the oxygen levels lessen responsible for combating the dangerous levels of carbon dioxide that are being emitted in the atmosphere.

Severe Precipitation

There is insurmountable scientific proof that global warming leads to increased precipitation. Also, global warming generates conditions which may result in extra powerful summer storms as well as hurricanes. Cities located in the coastal regions encounter more problems as precipitation poses serious flooding.


Global warming is primarily caused via greenhouse gases that occur naturally and are either directly or indirectly produced by humans. Amid the sources of human-generated gases are deforestation and burning of fossil fuels among others. Some effects of global warming include droughts, severe precipitation, frequent wildfires, diseases, and climate change.


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