Bless Me, Ultima (Essay Sample)

Bless Me, Ultima

When I was young, I used to read various novels written by various people. Up to now, the urge to continue reading is in me because of the structure of the novel, the themes in the novel as well as the symbolic features. In the recent years, a research was conducted and it was discovered that Germany produces a huger number of novels than the Arabian countries. This discovery shows that novels are still in demand. However, the old-written novels have stacked in peoples mind. Such a novel is one called ‘Bless Me, Ultima’ written by Anaya Rudolf.

Since its publication in the year 1972, it has been widely read especially in Chicago. Teachers across high school level, college level, and university level have adopted it to become one of their favorite novels for students. Rudolf started to write the novel in the year in 1963, since then it was not published because of the combination of the two language English and Spanish. However, at some point, it was awarded as the best in the national literary. It was this point when it was published and then the autobiography was produced later. ‘Bless me, Ultima’ leaves the reader with two conclusions: the first is that Ultima is a witch and works for the devil himself. The second is that Ultima is a person who walks on earth performing miracles through the use of her magic that saves people’s lives.

Everybody in the novel who hears the word ‘witch’ clearly thinks of the works of the devil. However, it is not the case because people have judged different actions and people; later on, they find that they are wrong. Both tomorrow’s daughter and Ultima use magic and power which are the same, but they use their powers in different ways. The two have gone ahead to perform the same magic and has worked. I think they are the same since the power and magic are sought of similar. The only difference is that the sister uses her power to destroy and kill while Ultima uses her powers to save lives. This essay seeks to discuss the plot of the novel, characters as well as the content of the novel.


‘Bless Me, Ultima’ reveals a story of a boy who is seven years old and a woman called Ultima. The boy is called Antonio and the woman is a healer. The content of the book is developed in the early forties in the New Mexico while the world is facing different problems; for instance, war. Little Antonio was facing ambiguous scenes and scenarios around him. But since the healer came in the area, his life has changed. The woman possessed supernatural abilities that she uses to help people.The woman inspires Antonio to accept the environment around him. Since her arrival, the boy stated view the world from a different angle. His life changes gradually and later on he gives attribute to the woman because of the presence of the woman.However, the boy is Rudolf himself. The boy was part of the cultural conflict in the area. He knew very well how cowboy and farmers could not always agree on one thing. He also knew how the English speakers could talk ill of the Spanish speakers. His father was a cowboy while his mother was from the farmer’s family. Having a good experience helped him discover the difference.


The novel is very large as it involves various characters. These characters are mainly close people and family members including, his brother, sister, grandfathers, the priest and war veteran. However, there are several others but in this are just but main characters that played a critical part in the novel. Antonio Marez is the main character. He is a boy that thinks about very many thinks. He is not sure whether pagan or Christian is of impotence. But when Ultima comes in his life, he changes his perception and way of life. The secondary characters are MariaMarez and Gabriel Marez who were his parents. All they want is a good life for the little boy. However, it becomes hard since having his father is a person who has succeeds in farming while his mother is a Catholic member. Her mother wants him to become a priest but his father strongly opposes. This creates a misunderstanding between them. The third and important character is the healer, Ultima. She comes in as hope and actually helps shape the destiny of the young boy. Ultima possessed powers that people believed to have come from her ancestors. However as others see that she is a mysterious woman, the fact remains she is kind and wise. Some people develop critical fear toward her but Antonio is not afraid of her words. All in all, she tries to make the boy be a self in depending in terms of decision making.

The content

The content of the novel generally highlights how the boy struggles to choose between religion and other things. Several things happened to him and such circumstances make him be on across the road. Anaya has used dreams to describe how the boy had conflict in his mind on making a decision. The dreams are vivid enough to make the boy think critically about his life. However, the dreams not only make him think but also act like a shadow that reveals his future. Having several factors in his life that show how his future was encouraged him not to give up on anything. There are several events in his life that Meade he change. The first event is the death of Lupito and Florence. Particularly the death of Lupito caught his attention since he was right there when Lupito died. Such events led him to decide that he is going to make changes in his life. , the experience in Golden Carp also shaped his life in terms airing new faith and new belief. The other event that changed his life was when he saw Ultima perform a magic that lifted the curse from Uncle Lucas. Finally, Ultima’s death proved to him that life is precious. Such vent made him completely change for the better. This entire event made him realize the potential that he posed.

‘Bless Me, Ultima’ is a great novel that has shown various people coming up with the different perception of life. The book is composed of various aspects of life; For instance, religion, family friends among others. Ultima brings hope and is significance since she proves to the boy that there is hope when you believe. She performed various magic that proved she saved lives. Although people make a judgment, she remains an outstanding person that aid people in their problems.

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