Beach Description (Essay Sample)

Beach Description

Calmness, peace and serenity, these are the vibes I always get when I think about the beach. Others might think the same way; thus, people travel far and wide, from state to state or from country to country, just to experience these. The beach is always a sight to behold, a relaxing place to unwind, and an adventure to explore.

If you are a photographer and you like to take pictures of places and sceneries, then the beach is a great and interesting subject to capture. It is always a sight to behold. The wonderful combination of colors, especially when captured during sunrise or sunset, will never give you a disappointment. The picture of the beach will have 3 parts namely, the land or the shore, the water and the horizon.

Beaches usually have different types of land. Two of the most common types are sand and pebbles. It could also be a combination of both, or with gravel, shingle, cobblestones or particles of corals and mollusks. Sandy beaches have a wide range of colors. It can go from white, pink, light brown, reddish brown, black and so on. The United Arab Emirates is well known for its seven shades of sand. One shade for each of the seven emirates it is composed of. The country also has beautiful beaches with the different shades of sand ranging from white to reddish brown. Their sands have fine grains, soft, and mushy, perfect for sand castles. The country of Maldives and the country of the Philippines, on the other hand, have amazing white beaches, due of course, to their white sand. The contrast of white sand to the blue waters makes you think you’ve to reach heaven when seen with your own two eyes or captured in a photo. Some beaches have pretty big pebbles. One example is the beach in Nice, France. It is a quiet and cozy place, yet the waves play a never-ending battle of hit and smash with its shores, maybe trying hard to crush them more into smaller pieces. Yet neither of the two backs down.

Water, of course, is an essential part of the beach. It won’t be one without it. Beaches have shallow waters, thus people can swim in them. If you think seawater is just blue, you might be surprised to know that it isn’t just that. It also has a variety of colors. The shallow waters are most of the time light green to emerald. This might be the reason that some beaches are called Emerald beach because of the color of the water. Then when you go further, it becomes dark blue to navy blue. The deeper you get, the darker the shade of blue you’ll see. The temperature of the seawater ranges from warm to ice cold which mostly depends on which part of the earth is the beach located. The nearer it is to the equator the warmer it gets. On the other hand, the farther it is from the equator the colder it gets. These also depend on the season. Beaches that are in a place where there are four seasons would also have different temperatures. It is warm in the summer, ice cold in winter, and a little in between for both spring and autumn. The waves make contrasting cottony white foam as soon as it hits the shoreline. Children have fun teasing them, challenging the waves to reach their feet by coming closer and walking back as soon as the waves have almost reached them. Some beaches have pretty calm waters. Others are like galloping horses with waves higher than ten feet which surfers love to ride.

The horizon adds to the picture-perfect effect. The azure sky soothes the tiredness of the eyes, reminding us that the world is bigger than any of our problems. Sunrise and sunset at the beach is always a glorifying event. The horizon burst with different colors. The colors that can usually be seen are orange, yellow, pink and red. When these colors play with the clouds and the rays of the sun, the effect is majestic. Sunrise at the beach reminds us of another glorious day ahead of us. Sunset, in contrast, reminds us that the day is ending leaving your sorrows for another day to come.

Beaches are also a perfect place to relax and unwind. As described above, the mesmerizing beauty of it would really relax our minds. There are also a lot of activities you can do on the beachside to relax. Imagine walking by the beach, feeling the softness of the sand under your feet and the cozy ticking of the waves upon your legs. The sun is almost up, and the sky is painted with colors. The wind is also blowing softly on your skin. The air is clean and the vibrant colors of the water are inviting you to swim. When you do, the water is warm and the waves are gentle. Then after the swim, you go back to a cute little bamboo hut or a cozy little tent and dig in a sumptuous meal. Who would not be relaxed with that? Some enjoy the sun, bathing in it and displaying their gorgeous tan. Others can read a book on a fallen tree trunk and tune in to the melody of the waves. Others do ballgames and just have fun with family and friends. Indeed, after a long, toxic, and hectic working week, I am pretty sure a weekend by the beach will make you relax and recharge your body for another working day.

Beaches also have adventures to unfold. If you are a fan of snorkeling, you will agree that treasures can be found in the shallow waters of the beach. There are schools of little fishes with a variety of different colors and a garden of corals and seaweeds that makes you want to have gills and live there. Some walk by the seashore just to collect the seashells. The different shapes, sizes, and colors of the shells are beautiful art pieces of nature. Some beaches also have small caves that have magnificent stalactites and stalagmite formations which, an enthusiast would be happy to enjoy. Beach resorts also have fun rides that you can explore. Have you been on a banana boat ride with friends? If not yet, you might want to put that on your bucket list. It’s an inflated boat shaped like a banana and is attached by a strong rope on a jet ski. Four to five people can sit in the boat and the Jet Ski driver can drive as fast as he can with the goal of making the passengers fall in the water. The thrill is to hold tight on that boat or risk falling on water. It’s fun when done with friends. Surfing, Jet Ski, and para-sailing are some more of the adventure sports you can try at some beach resorts.

The beach is indeed a sight to behold, a relaxing place to unwind, and an adventure to explore. It is one of the beauties of nature enjoyed by a lot of people. I sure hope that people would also take good care of it so it can be enjoyed by generations more.

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