Anxiety (Essay Sample)


Anxiousness is a normal emotion, and everyone gets this feeling now and then especially when faced with a problem or having a medical test. Anxiety can be explained as the feeling of worry or fear, uneasiness and even feeling mild. This emotion is always accompanied by behaviors like lamination, restlessness, concentration problems as well as fatigue. Nevertheless, anxiety cannot be characterized as fear, because fear is a response to a perceived immediate hazard, while anxiety is an anticipation of a future threat. Feeling anxious can be appropriate, but much anxiety can lead to anxiety disorder. This emotion can be experienced in short or long term symptoms that minimize the quality of life. However, there are different types of anxiety such as essential anxiety and somatic anxiety among others. Accordingly, it is imperative to understand the different types of anxiety and some of the ways to eliminate anxiety.

Types of Anxiety

There are different types of anxiety, and each of them presents in different circumstances. Some type of anxieties are useful and motivates individuals while others can disrupt life. Some of the common types of anxiety are social anxiety, somatic anxiety, existential anxiety, and decision anxiety.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a situation where an individual feels irrational fear of engaging in social situations. This can include fear of getting involved with unfamiliar situations or even unfamiliar people. Social anxiety makes people feel extremely afraid of social environments and if this emotion persists during adulthood, it can result in social exclusion. This type of anxiety varies from severity and degree. To explain this, various people might experience uneasiness during physical social interaction like when shaking hands or even embracing someone. Also, some people can find it hard to interact with unfamiliar people or outgroup members. Moreover, people with social anxiety might have a degree of shyness when in a company of strangers. People suffering from social anxiety might limit their lifestyles and then accommodate the anxiety, which means that they will cut off their social interaction and this emotion remains a problem if not solved.

Somatic Anxiety

Somatic anxiety also known as somatization can be characterized as physical signs of anxiety for instance sweating, having butterflies in the stomach and heavy breathing. Somatic anxiety is commonly expressed through physical pains like fatigue, abdominal pain, insomnia and even headache. This emotion hinders people from engaging in social activities. However, somatic symptoms can be an expression of an underlying depression or distress. This condition can also be as a result of familial, cultural or personal circumstances. People suffering from somatic anxiety fear from being stigmatized or about complains against them. Additionally, somatic anxiety results in an extensive delay of treatments because patient suffering from this condition go through unnecessary tests and are referred to various medication before they get the appropriate somatization diagnosis.

Existential Anxiety

Existential anxiety includes all type of stress that lives within individuals and keeps disturbing oneself from within. The kind of anxiety makes people feel disturbed, unhappy as well as worried about everything without having a clear understanding of why they are feeling unhappy. Existential anxiety also makes individuals start worrying about things that are uncontrollable. However, this emotion has no specified nature but it is suggested to happen as a result of deep thoughts that lead to one questing the life’s purpose. Existential anxiety can become a mental problem if treatment options are not considered. Physicians believe that, for existential anxiety patients to be better, they have to stop thinking much about their past or even what the future holds for them.

Decision Anxiety

During decision making, people get overwhelmed by anxiety and therefore find it hard to make effective decisions. Anxiety causes great fear and making choices becomes impossible. However, people who are faced with decision anxiety often revolve around being faced by fear of getting negative outcomes and being overwhelmed with the decision there are making. Highly anxious individuals experience hard times in making their decisions because they are uncertain about immediate changes and also because they find it hard to adopt new changes. When two people are faced with anxiety and indecision, they might choose to respond to a situation in a similar manner. Nevertheless, anxiety can affect all the decision a person makes, for instance, when a person gets involved in a fatal car accident, one can get stuck between choosing whether to walk or drive to work because of the fear of getting involved in another accident. Decision anxiety is therefore influenced by personal experiences and traits since people experiences are different.

Solutions to Anxiety

Anxiety is a problem that many people experience in their day-to-day lives. People go to work and spend time with families while still trying to fight anxiety. However, feeling anxious is something that everyone wants to manage and eliminate permanently. Eliminating anxiety, therefore, begins with commitment. Being committed means devoted to making changes in your life that create anxiety. There are no pills to cure anxiety, and thus one must be willing to eliminate what brings this feeling. Also, a person suffering from anxiety is supposed to choose the best method of coping with this emotion. Some tend to use ineffective things like alcohol or being alone which only make the condition more persistence. When talking about the best method, one has to consider activities and behaviours that assist one to re-establish the mental coping skill. Another way to eliminate anxiety is by having a positive thinking. People with different types of anxiety tend to have negative thoughts about themselves because negative thoughts are easy to confirm. Nonetheless, when feeling anxious, one can think about positive results that could happen, besides, start acting like a positive individual. Furthermore, there are more distracting and fun activities that can keep one hopeful about positive outcomes. Since anxiety makes a person inactive, therefore, one requires to stay busy and spend time with other people in order to have an effective impact on anxiety.


Anxiety is a depressive emotion that makes one feel uneasy, worried and even mild. Anxiety is influenced by familial, race, cultural or even personal experiences. This condition can be expressed in different signs like some people might express their worry by isolating themselves from people, being distressed and even by being uneasy. Different types of anxiety-like existential anxiety can result in psychological problems like extreme self-expectations and inability to focus. Anxiety is a problem that many people fight to eliminate, and this can be achieved by first knowing and understanding things that make you anxious. Also, since anxiety is more of a psychological problem, engage in activities that help you to forget your worries and feel comfortable. One can also seek help from a professional counsellor or a physician if the condition persists.

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