Anti Abortion (Essay Sample)

Anti Abortion

Since time immemorial, many people have debated against the legalization of abortion. The practice has been ongoing for many decades in different countries. Moreover, some of the people who practice abortion do not mind the risk and danger they are putting themselves in. Abortion is indeed a crime since one is claiming the life of an innocent victim. The victims of abortion are not at any fault since they are not the reasons why the act is being practiced in the first place. Moreover, victims of rape should not practice abortion, even though the child they will have will remind them of that melancholic moment, it is not their fault in the first place.

Abortion is mainly practiced due to unwanted pregnancies. However, it is a crime since the victims are not accountable for the action. Moreover, there are many other reasons as to why it should be illegalized. Some of them include:

  • First and foremost, abortion is a sin before God. Practicing the act is a serious offense against God and His creation. Being the sole reason for our living, He is the only one who gives and takes away life. Many Christians across the world have always been in the battle against fighting abortion. Religious teachings on abortion are explicit and unambiguous in that sexual intercourse ought to be for procreation purposes. Moreover, abortion is regarded as murder, and no exceptions are allowed.
  • Abortion is unsafe. As compared to other medical procedures, the abortion industry is vastly autonomous. Some people opt to carry out the practice on their own thus risking their lives as well as that of the infant. Many people die from performing abortion since they lose a lot of blood. Additionally, some people do not have the necessary knowledge of when to carry it out. Some practice it at a later time putting most of their lives at risk. Furthermore, some people do it in secrecy due to shame thus putting their lives at risk.
  • Adoption is an alternative to abortion. Some countries do not consider the thought of an unwanted child. Some parents out there have always desired to have a baby yet it is impossible for them because some are barren or sterile. This is the chief reason why abortion should not be allowed. Claiming the life of an infant yet someone out there is incapable of having a baby is not right. One ought to consider giving up their baby for adoption rather than think of getting rid of them.
  • Life begins at conception. One’s life begins at the moment of conception. To declare or decide on when one needs to live is absurd. Moreover, one should not choose when to take away the life of someone. Human beings begin to exist when they are born regardless of the state they are in. Therefore, every child brought into this world ought to be wanted, loved and cared for. Choosing to commit an abortion ruins the opportunity for one to get to live in this world.
  • Humankind should protect life. Since creation, man has the responsibility to guard life. The primary instincts of human beings are that one’s life ought to be preserved until their time of death. Terminating a pregnancy or taking away the life of an innocent infant should not be permitted since the unborn baby can bring a change in the family as well as the society at large. We are born with different personality traits thus a newborn has different ones and can bring about a change in our lives as well in the community. Therefore, abortion ought to be prohibited since one never knows what might change in their lives as well as that of others.
  • Feeling of regret. Some people who perform abortion later come to regret it since they desire to have babies yet they cannot. This is because having performed an abortion earlier may have damaged their reproductive organs or infected them hence making it impossible for them to become pregnant. This leaves many of them frustrated and depressed.
  • No lesson is learnt. When one chooses to commit an abortion, they might find it as a viable solution to their problem thereby engaging in unprotected sex. This makes the abortion cycle continue thus some people view abortion as a means to avoid being pregnant. However, when the practice is made illegal, some people will find it hard to have unprotected sex thus the thought of abortion does not cross their minds.
  • When abortion is made legal, it is the same as allowing people to kill. Legalizing abortion is claiming the life of an infant who has the right to a future like ours. Therefore, legalizing abortion hinders the chance for one to get to live the life we live thus have a future like ours.

However, there are some ways, or methods cases of abortion can be reduced. Some of them include:

  • Use of contraceptives. Unwanted pregnancies are the sole reason why abortion is majorly practiced. However, some people use it as an alternative to contraception. There are many ways one can avoid getting pregnant such as using contraceptives or by using protection. One ought not to have sex without using protection yet they are not ready to have a baby. This will result in them claiming the life of an innocent victim yet they are the ones who ought to be responsible for their actions.  Using contraceptives or protection such as condoms helps prevent cases of unwanted pregnancies thus reduces cases of abortion.
  • Banning the act will make some people responsible and accountable for their actions. Moreover, many will avoid having unsafe sex. Some people are ashamed of getting pregnant at a young age which makes them opt to terminate their pregnancies. Illegalizing abortion reduces the chances of unprotected sex which leads to unwanted pregnancies.

In conclusion, abortion is mainly carried out because of unwanted pregnancies. It should be banned since it is a crime as it involves taking away the life of another. Moreover, when the practice is legalized or accepted by the society, many people will use it as a substitute for contraception. This will risk the lives of many mothers since abortion interferes with the reproductive organs thus some may end up being barren due to the continuous practice of abortion. Furthermore, allowing abortion is like legalizing killing. However, there some methods or techniques one can apply to avoid getting pregnant thus reduce or stop the abortion cycle. Conversely, one can choose to give up their babies for adoption rather than taking away their lives.


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