Alexander Hamilton (Essay Sample)

Alexander Hamilton

The study of the history of the United States and the founding fathers of the United States becomes insufficient without the mention of Alexander Hamilton. The founding fathers include the individuals who contributed in the fight for the independence of the United States. The American state’s man was born in January 1754 and lived up to July 12, 1804. He is mainly known due to the fact he was among the founding fathers of the United States of America. His participation in the American history began at an early age when he participated in the American revolutionary war. During this time, he was just from the law school. In the year 1777, he was appointed to the position of a senior aide to General Washington in running the continental army as the Americans fought for freedom from Britain. After the war, Alexander resigned and studied law in Washington. Accordingly, the paper outlines the contributions that Alexander made to the United States and the honor that is accorded to him even to date.

Contributions of Alexander Hamilton

Alexander was an Influential interpreter of the constitution. This factor could be attributed to the fact that he had studied law. Additionally, he was excellent in persuading people to side with him. This was evident during the period when he led the Annapolis convention in 1786. The reason for the Annapolis convention was that he wanted the country to have a stronger government instead of the simple type of government. The Annapolis convention necessitated the government to call a constitutional convention in Philadelphia. At the constitutional convention, he assisted in the ratification of the constitution by writing 51 out of the 185 installments of the national papers. The document that he helped in writing has remained to be the essential document that is subjected to reference, even to the current time if a constitutional interpretation is required or in the event of a constitutional crisis. The legal explanation that he was in a position to create at that time was further instrumental for the change of the governance system. Through the analysis, he was in the place of changing the government system to a stronger government that he always desired for the United States.

Due to his finance experience, he was the Founder of the national financial system and he was the first secretary of the treasury. At this post, he was the main author of other monetary policies of the country during the period of George Washington administration. He led in the finding ways for funding the state’s debts by the federal government. The establishment of the national bank which consisted of tariff and free trade relations with Britain was also accredited to him. He believed that if the country had an active national bank, and thus a reliable financial power, then the county would ultimately be in a position of having a stable national government. The federal bank that he was the proponent of the idea of its construction was funded by tariffs from businesses that were conducted with other countries. With regards to financing sector, he is also responsible for resolving the issue regarding the controversial tax that was placed on whiskey. The tax on whiskey was also used to fund the national bank.

Another significant contribution that Alexander Hamilton made was that he was the founder of the Federalist party of the United States. He founded the party by mobilizing a nationwide network of friends of the government. His primary target was businessmen. These people who he assembled were the ones who ultimately formed the federal party of the United States. In essence, this was the first political party in the United States and the party lasted between the years 1790 until the year 1820. The importance of the party is that it led to the formation of a stable national government. Also, the party became responsible for the creation of a stronger economic system in the United States. The political party also introduced strategic measures that fostered friendly relationships with Great Britain, especially in relations to trade. The party, however, remain opposed to France due to its revolutionary nature. Alexander Hamilton took a central role in the Federalist Party between the years 1789 and 1792 when he retired.

Upon retirement from active politics, Hamilton resumed his law practice. Hamilton resorted to solving the issue concerning the revolutionary nature of France by engaging France in war. He mobilized an army and planned an attack against France. He was the general commanding the army that he had assembled. However, as Hamilton continued getting ready for the battled against France, President Adams decided to use diplomatic measures to avoid combat with France, an issue that did not go well with Hamilton who was already getting prepared for war. Through his practice of law, he also played an essential role in ending the issue of the slave trade in the United States.

The United States recognizes the contributions that were made by Alexander Hamilton as one of the founding fathers of the United States. The united states for these reasons have honored him in different ways. For instance, his portray has been used as a symbol of both dollar bill and postal stamp. The ten dollar bill of the United States contains the picture of Alexander Hamilton. Mostly, this is a very significant honor as his legacy is kept through the dollar sign. Additionally, very few characters have their photos used in dollars. The other honor that has been accorded to him is the naming of schools colleges in his honour. For example, Colombia University, Hamilton alma mater, besides, there is an official memorial to Hamilton on the campus in New York City. There are buildings that are done in his honor. For instance, at his birthplace in Charlestown, there is the Alexander Hamilton museum that is located at his house. The gallery contains statues of Hamilton that are made in his honour.

Through his life, Alexander Hamilton remained a true patriot and served his country, the United States. Through the knowledge he gained from studying law, Alexander was able to assist the other founding fathers in writing the constitution. He additionally helped in writing a document that until now is used as the point of reference in the event of the need of interpretation of the constitution. His contribution to the government led the establishment of a strong national state. With regards to the economy, he facilitated the creation of the national bank that led to a stronger national economy. He also promoted the formation of the federal political party which boosted trading ties with Britain. In return to the contributions he made In the United States, his legacy is kept by having his picture on the dollar, and postal stamps, naming institutions after him, an even building structures in his memory.

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