About Myself (Essay Sample)

Essay about myself

A common object that most of the people are looking for in this world is the essence of identity. There are many human beings whom we share this planet with and everyone has a unique personality. No two people, even twins, have the same personalities. Each and every being has his or her own purpose and is special in their own ways. As we go through our lives, we wear different masks, such that we act differently in different social and physical environments. Everyone tries his or her best to look good among the people but in a deeper sense, we are all on a journey on finding our innermost authentic self. As for me, my being is centered upon this existentialism and the awesomeness and mystery of the universe at large. I believe that I am a piece of infinity, and as such, I am also an infinite being living and playing this life in order to nurture and educate my soul upon its journey back to God.

As a person, I am very passionate. My passion is towards making my creativity take over my body and contribute to the beauties of the world. Through my monumental effort and responsibility, I strive to make a miniscule change in this world. I want to share love and compassion towards every being and strive to understand the perspective of each as inseparable parts of God, just like me, you, and anybody else. I believe that every being deserves respect as all are holy and magnificent creations of God. If I perceive it as bad or wrong, then God just wants me to learn a deep lesson, and that those experiences only serve to make me grow and learn. The institutions that govern our society are tools for growth for each and every person, and so, I also act as a responsible citizen by doing my best in my academic life in school and abide to the law that contributes to the order and peace in society.
I am a quite dependable individual and I do what needs to be done in the current moment and use my actions as inspirations to what I aspire to be.  I am an currently enrolled in a university in the course of Medical and Physical Therapy, In school, along these lines I get my work done each and every day and concentrate for what I have realized at home. I additionally focus in class more often than not also. Other than that, I sort out my work too. Inside my home, I am a good son who is obedient and does his tasks. I am regarded by my folks as a very helpful man and help them to do house works such a cooking and cleaning the house. I clean my room once seven days too in light of the fact that that is my duty similar to a tyke I believe that I am also a good friend as I am always available for my time whenever my friends need some people to talk to

Besides being a responsible person, I am also a person who is able to relate to other people in their venture in life. When I was very young, it was very natural for me to be the person whom people came to, to get advice and suggestions on how they can tackle their problems. I can feel so much around me and so, I use those feelings to color the way I perceive my life. I am one whom people would call an empathy. As a sensitive person, I could feel so much intensity of the wonders of life and also the shadow aspect, which is the pain of society. I give to beggars on the street not to make myself feel better, but because I feel that they are alone and there is only much that I could share to them. I talk to them as if they were my equal and extract bits and pieces of information about their lives and how they have become what they are today, and in those conversations, I come to realize that they too are people, capable of joy, happiness, love, and also loneliness.  This ability to relate and feel through other persons has been present since I was at a very young age. When I see beggars on the street, I help them by giving them something to eat rather than giving them money because it would only go to the syndicates who are taking their coins. I offer myself in help through whatever means or physical things that I can do or give to them in order to provide each with  a better lifestyle. When I see animals without a shelter, I feel sorry for them and so I adopt some and I might buy some food for other strays to eat. I am also usually aware of the pain that people are going through, and so, I strive to become a friend my comforting them and offering myself as an ear that listens or as a shoulder to lean on.

I am a part of the community, and so, I strive to expand my knowledge and extend my compassion in order to make the world a better place. Since I was young, I have wanted to become a hero, not for the praise and popularity, but because that is the right thing to do. I believe and each and every one of us are heroes and it is up to us to embody this perspective of life. We are all heroes because it is through our actions that share the glory and beauty of God’s love and magnificence. Myself is no better that another. Everyone is equal. We all have our own unique journey and different lessons and I believe that a supreme being has granted us our unique gifts and talents and our only goal is to discover that we are love.  By doing so, we are able to appreciate ourselves and radiate elegance and beauty and joy out to the world especially to the people around use. I am a hero and I am ready to step into the responsibility of intending good for the world. As a person, I always remember myself as only a small part of the larger world, and I always bring to my awareness that I am only one among the 7 billion people in the planet and that my perspectives might not necessarily be true, and that I am not the perfect being. And so, I can only give my love to the world by accepting the challenges and the reality, that someday, I too will also die, and go back to the infinite and unspeakable bliss and glory of God.

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