A Country I Would Like To Visit (Essay Sample)


Bali, Indonesia is one of the best countries to visit. There are many international tourists who go to Bali every single day. This is an island in the eastern part of Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Island group. The situation of Bali Island lies just below the equator and shares borders with Australia on the south of the Island. The tropical climate of Bali makes it unique for visitors because there are numerous tourist spots across the area that is conducive for both local and international tourists.

Why is the Island of Bali in Indonesia chosen to visit?

In this part of the year, the world is nearing its equinox, which is perfect for the Island of Bali because it is under the transition between dry and wet seasons. September is a perfect time because the place is not too rainy and humid. If you thought that Indonesia is wholly a Muslim country, Bali is the only island in the archipelago that practices Hinduism. This means that the island is sacred enough to prevent any restrictions for international tourists. Every tourist has the right to experience the Hindu ambiance of Bali Island in Indonesia.

Tourist destinations in Bali

The southern portion of the main Island of Bali provides a surfing paradise for beach-goers. The southern coastline of the main island faces the Indian Ocean, where waves can reach as high as 3 meters. The pristine light-colored sandy beach provides a tropical haven for tourists. There are multiple Hindu Temples for every tourist to visit.  The culinary culture of Bali provides a palatine attraction to allow outsiders to experience the unique tropical blend of Balinese cuisine. There are numerous clean rivers for rafting and to dip your body in clear blue waterfalls in each segment of the rivers.

Security issues in Bali

In every country, there are rotten tomatoes that exist. Every tourist is advised to secure their belongings whenever they go to an unfamiliar place. Bring fewer items is important when visiting public places so that burglars will not spot you as their next victim. Always lock your room when going outdoors to ensure that your belongings are secured in your room. Valuables should be kept inside the vault inside your room’s locker area to prevent burglars to steal the most important documents when trying to invade your privacy. Bali is the only large non-Muslim area in Indonesia. This means that the threat of terrorism is not as high in other places across the country.

Advice when Going to Bali

Every person has the privilege to visit a place and explores memorable wonders with their loved ones. It is important to learn the basic Bahasa Indonesia language before coming to Bali in Indonesia. This is to lessen the challenge of a language barrier when speaking to locals when arriving in the area. Learn more about the culinary culture of Bahasa so that you will know what type of Indonesian cuisine you are going to explore when you are in the area. It is best to try an Indonesian restaurant and pick the most commonly ordered items. Bring extra money when going to Indonesia. The purpose of having an extra allowance is to reserve for unexpected circumstances such as accidents that are encountered while visiting a foreign country such as Indonesia (Cotterell, 2015).


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