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A Critique Of Charles Krauthammers The Moon We Left Behind (Article Critique Sample)


A full critique should contain the following: FONT: TIMES NEW ROMAN SIZE 12 DOUBLE SPACE
An introduction highlighting background information, important information about the source, the author's thesis, and your thesis statement.
A summary of the selection (using the summary tactics we learned from Ch. 1). That means the summary of the article.
An evaluation of the argument/paper for accuracy, clarity, logic and/or fairness (possibly using the logical fallacies, but never directly naming the fallacies in your paper).
A statement of your agreement and/or disagreement wiith the author.
A conclusion that will close the contents of the paper.


Article Critique
Literature and Language
40 Years After Apollo 11, America's Retreat From the Moon
The implementation of the Constellation programs in 2004 was to resume the missions of the Apollo which died off in 1972. In 2011, however, the President of the U.S. Barack Obama, denounced the mission terming it as an over budget, lack innovation and behind schedule (Matson, 2010). Instead, he shifted the focus for the future exploration of Mars and asteroids. The announcement was a shock to the Americans and the Congress. One of the shocked people was Charles Krauthammer. He expressed his shock and annoyance in 40 Years After Apollo 11, America's Retreat From the Moon. In this article, he claims that the program cancellation was one of the biggest mistakes. He says, “We came. We saw. Then we retreated. How could we?” Constellation Program is very important, in fact, it should never be thought to be canceled in the future, but thinking of it, it was a good idea to cancel the program at the moment.
Krauthammer expresses his annoyance about the cancellation of the Constellation Program. He says that it was a bad idea to retreat what they had started. He says this by quoting Michael Crichton “if you told a physicist in 1899 that within a hundred years humankind would, among other wonders (nukes, commercial airlines), "travel to the moon, and then lose interest . . . The physicist would almost certainly pronounce you mad."
Krauthammer states the reasons given that made the president cancel the program. He, however, counteracts them by saying that the problems will forever exis

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