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Determinants of Hand Hygiene Compliance in Egypt Critique (Article Critique Sample)


Each learner will select a peer reviewed nursing research article from a nursing journal discovered in the search assignment (article is to be approved by the instructor) please use ProQuest, Gale or MERLINE PLUS.
The research report is to be critiqued by an analysis of the key structures and empirical evidence.
Write a short paper (3 –5 pages). Include a complete reference for the manuscript.
Provide faculty with a copy of the research article. See rubric to review points that faculty will use to grade the assignment. **A 5-point deduction will be taken for each page over the maximum page limit. **
A, Appropriate conventions of writing are evident (correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure).
B, Flow: The critique flows in a logical and systematic manner; it is well structured, concise and informative.
C, Reflection: Includes reflection on personal relevance or meanings for the findings. The report attempts to answer the questions: what does this study say to me and how does this study contribute to my research proposal?
D, Description of study: Sufficiently describes the study so that reader is informed of its purpose, actions taken, methodology, results, and conclusions.
E, Critique of research study: The critique comments on strengths and weaknesses, Critique includes elements learned in class that influence empirical rigor and strengthen the study. Critique covers purpose, literature review, significance, theory or conceptual framework, sampling, setting, ethics, variables, data collection, measurements, analysis, results, recommendations for future study.
F, Critique validity, reliability; Generalizability, and discussion of limitations and significance.
Please use this article for my critique.
Determinants of hand hygiene compliance in Egypt: building blocks for a communication strategy A.-L. Lohiniva,1 H.Bassim, 2 S.Hafez,3 E.Kamel,2 E. Ahmed,3 T. Saeed 1 and M. Talaat 1


Determinants of Hand Hygiene Compliance in Egypt; Building blocks for Communication Strategy is peer reviewed nursing article that provides a description of a qualitative study. The study was carried out in neonatal intensive units, intensive care units and surgical wards found in Alexandrian and Ain Shams University hospitals, which are located in Egypt. Focus group discussions were used to collect data or information during the study. The study entailed 14 FGD with a sum of ninety six nurses. All discussions were led by a moderator and helped by an assistant who would take notes. The discussion guide contained topics such as reasons for noncompliance with measures of hand hygiene and pros and cons of hand hygiene measures. Findings of the study include that nurses did not see the significance of hand cleanliness and that they connected the will to clean hands as a sense of the state of being dirty. It was also identified that constraints related to environmental, social control and lack of roles models were the main barriers to compliance with hand hygiene. The study concluded that hand hygiene policy exists in hospitals, but health care workers rarely adhere to the policy. It was also concluded that social and behavioral hand hygiene analysis could lead to a correct understanding of hand hygiene practices
Statement of Phenomenon of Interest
The phenomenon of interest of the study is a reaction because it has been clearly stated that the study was carried out so that interventions of hand hygiene could be developed in hospitals after an understanding of the determinants related to the demeanor of hand hygiene was established. The use of qualitative research is justifiable because the approach has methodologies that allow a deep understanding of a phenomenon. Through the approach, the investigators develop a deeper understanding of a research topic than the understanding that can be obtained by use of a quantitative research approach. The qualitative research approach is moreover justifiable because its methods offer a broad examination of a question that can be quickly answered. The philosophical underpinnings of use of focus group discussions as a research method include that they are cost efficient and they are very easy compared to any other research methods. Moreover, they provide an opportunity to observe and record interactions between participants.
The purpose of the study was to provide an understanding of the determinants related to the demeanor of hand hygiene so t...
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