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Annotated Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)

What Your Bibliography Should Look Like: Martinich, A. P. Philosophical Writing: An Introduction. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1989. An excellent introduction to the peculiarities of philosophical writing, ranging in difficulty from elementary to moderately advanced. Martinich maintains that half of good philosophy is good grammar and the other half is good thinking and his book is geared toward helping students to write clear, precise source..
Annotated Bibliography: significance of the female nude in Greek art
The Greek art has depicted portraits of the female nude. This may be understood in the culture of the early Greeks. The ancient time saw Greek art portray nudity, and many writers have explained this to be an artistic convention.
Leoussi, Athena. From civic to ethnic classicism: the cult of the Greek body in late nineteenth- century French society and art. International Journal of the Classical Tradition.2009, Vol. 16 Issue 3/4, p. 393-442. Print.
The female nude in Greek art is understood as an expression of the cult among the Greek people in the 19th century. The article explains that female nudity is an expression of the cult of the body culture among the ancient Greeks. The articles explains female nude in Greek art to be a reflection of the culture, which was practiced in the last period of the ninetieth century. The article concludes that art is an expression, and the expression of the nude female in the Greek culture was a form of cult and culture that the ancient Greeks had kept for some time. This implies that female nude art is significant in expressing the cult as was maintained by the Greek culture in the ninetieth century period.
Johnston, Alan. On Archaic Greek, orientalizing--weird or woolly? Antiquity. 2001, Vol. 75 Issue 290, p. 889-891.
This article focuses on a number of elements in Greek art iconography. The article analyzes the significance of naked female goddess in Greek art. In this analysis, the article advances that the expression of the naked female goddess in Greek art was to express a sexual message to the people, than as a provocative symbol. The article; however, argues that the female nude goddess in Greek art portrays a unitary theme in the society. The article expresses the female nude goddess to be an expression of an aesthetic value of beauty in the Greek culture, thus an integral part of expression ...
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