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Educational Policy Issues of Singapore and South Korea (Annotated Bibliography Sample)

Educational Policy Issues of Singapore and South Korea or for writer Boni A detail instruction will be sent by email. Please pass it to the writer. I prefer the writer who did my second order. source..
Annotated Bibliography

Bailey, T (2004). Self-directed Learning versus Learning in the Interests of Public Safety: A Dilemma in Adult Education. International Education Journal, 5(2): 215-220.
The article addresses the driving factors for learning. The motivation or purpose cast adult education in dilemma. The study articulated in the article was within the context of adult education and the triangulating variables that influence adult education and learning. The subjects in the study were the elderly motorists. The method used in the study was a survey that was done among the subjects to identify their learning needs. The study revealed that adult education theory perceive adult education as motivated by self-directed learning motives rather than the need to gain knowledge for public safety. In resolving the dilemma, the article reveals that it is important to critically examine the initial or immediate needs of the learner by identifying the position that learner is in.
Boldt, F. & Ross, S. (1998). “Scores on the TOEIC Test as a Functioning Time and Type.” TOEIC Research Report Number 3. New Jersey: The Chauncey Group International.
The article talks about the factors that determine or influence English language training. The TOEIC score can be used as an indicator of the level of training and ostensibly the competence. The variables identified to influence the training include the instructor, training materials’ content as well as the class size. The method used in the study was secondary where previous sets of TOEIC test scores were analyzed. The setting where the data sets were obtained is Japanese companies as well as the training institutions. The subjects were the candidates whose TOEIC scores (results) were being analyzed. The methods of analysis used were “linear regression and imputation” (Boldt
& Ross, 1998). Although the pre-test conditions were not available, it was revealed that the factors named above are important in determine training as they are fundamental components in training; each is important in its own capacity.
Boldt, R. & Ross, S. (n.d.). “Language Proficiency Gain on the Test of English for International Communication: Meta-Analyses of Japanese and Korean Corporate Language Programs.” TOEIC Research Report. 1-26.
The article addresses pertinent issues in relation to language learning in regard to English. The importance of proficient language learning is reflected in its pivotal role in enhancing international communication. The setting is within Asia specifically in Japan and Korea. The method used was secondary where works of other researchers were analyzed and put in the context of Japan and Korea (Meta analysis). However, there was a quasi-experiment on program administration in class. The class size was a major factor to put in consideration. The subject targeted in this study is t...
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