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Personal Statement School Application (Personal Statement Sample)

This writing is for the school application (RN to BSN, Nursing). I had to withdraw classes from my current nursing school since I developed depression. I am preparing to apply for another school but I must explain why I received \"W\". in my current school. Again, it is for the school application and I do not want the paper sounds blaming for the current school but makes sense to admissions committee for the new school that I am going to apply. source..
Personal Statement
The education system is considered one of the most important social institutions owing to the role it plays in transmission of academic and social values. To me, education is more than just a tool for transmission of values and knowledge for it is the avenue for attainment of my personal goals. Each and everyday, my interests become inclined towards geriatric nursing. However, after doing thorough research in my areas of study on your college website, I was energized to learn about the dimensions of offerings in RN and BSN, and I certainly got impressed by clinical labs and theatre rooms. Your institution’s broader approach to the field work with a close attention when it comes to comprehending the past and the present has enormous appeal to me. By enrolling at University XX I hope to cultivate a wider information base, expand my expertise in nursing, and take part practical work and ultimately enroll for post graduate. My motivation for the transfer is pegged on nothing but academics. At University XX, I met good friends and taught by some of the best lecturers. Nonetheless, I have one academic rationale that has compelled me to transfer to university YY. I originally applied for the RN to BSN program at the same school, but upon admission, the school informed me that the program was online-based, and as such, the institution put me on an accelerated program owing to the fact that international learners are permitted to learn online in the U.S. restricted from talking online classes are not allowed to take online classes in the U.S. Moreover, the Accelerated scheme of University XX is meant for learners with 4-year degree with no RN certification. I originally sent an application letter to University XX because it was comfortable, I hail from a small town in YY state and university XX felt like strategic. I am now determined to push forward towards meeting the challenges that come with getting an admission at your university. Based on my transcripts I got a W as a result of boycotting school and consuming antidepressants. I have been feeling quite ok and can attest to the fact that I am indeed fully recovered. I am also convinced that I will nurture and horn my skills and talents at your university, because your geriatric nursing program fits perfectly within my visions and career aspirations. In the end abandoning my career by acquiring a BSN degree was the last thing I would have imagined. People make mistakes and should be ready to learn from their mistakes. I assert that I truly learned the hard way from the mistakes of t...
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