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I'm female who is applying for grad school. The college I choose has a rigerous program and is reputable. The essay should address each questions in order. Question (1) What life exprences contributed to your decision to pursue graduate social work education at this time? Discuss your career goals. (2) Discuss your personal characteristics and values as they relate to your interest in social work.(3) What strenghts do you bring with you? What areas of difficulty do you anticipate? (4) Discuss a social issue that is of concern to you and what you see as the role of the social work profession in responding to it. (5) If there is any thing additional that you would like to share with the admissions committee that would help them better understand your application and your graduate record.Please discuss it here. source..

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(February 18, 2012)
Looking back to when I was a kid, I used to have vivid thoughts like thinking of becoming the president of America or being a lawyer. I had never thought of pursuing social work as my future career even though as I grew up I got so passionate with assisting people. When I joined high school I dedicated all my time to studying and improving on my skills, the moments when I was not studying I investigated on the convolutions of the general public. I strayed from minimalism and was not satisfied with being positioned at the centre of the set.
I built up all potential credits a scholar can have and towards the end of my last year in high school, I began to recognize an abrupt turn down in my concern to confine all the intellects of populace. In its place, I got so snooping as regards the social continuum and the entire factors that craft our current society. I always aspired to get a well paying employment after I was through with my career in college even though I reached a point where pecuniary safety was not my major motivation career wise than I aspired to emerge the best in my field. This is because I had always endeavored to be at the top even in high school. If truth be told, I constantly used to top in each discipline allied venture that I took part in. I have this intrinsic yearning to create a disparity and to put up a highly regarded disposition. On the other hand, the ups and downs in life come with a number of revelations.
As I went on, I learnt that petite stuff was more pertinent. I was delighted to belong to something so particular that I can attach importance to all the days in my life. I was advised to a survey on careers by the counselor and among the few choices I was offered were social work, teaching and nursing. I did my own research on every selection and ended up picking on nursing with the feeling that it would work best for me. I went on to pursue the career in college until the end of my first year when my interest in nursing started to fade away. I had to straight away change everything and deal with what my heart wanted at that moment. I liked associating myself with kids by talking with them and it made me realize that I can be a social worker.
I carried on to pursue sociology as a major course and I had to stand still at it and excel in it even though it was a new focus which had not really absorbed by the notions it endorsed in the school. I had to remain conscientious for the choice I had made and within no time, I realized that sociology was the greatest thing to have ever been engrossed with in my entire life and ever since I always topped the class and there is time I ever missed in our dean of studies` file. I as well had outreach schemes and society services put up in Miami and New York City and this got me a number of peculiarities. I completed college and graduated with second class honors up till now my qualifications...
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