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Social Justice, Cultural Diversity and Human Dignity (Personal Statement Sample)

For admission to the online MSW program at The University of New England Required Discussion Topics: 1. Address why you would prefer to do an online program, why it would be a good fit for you, and how well you are able to navigate the internet and computer software. Please provide information on technologies you are familiar with and give examples of your proficiency. 2. With reference to our Missions Statement, discuss in detail and using your personal, volunteer and professional experience your views on: a) Social justice b) Cultural diversity c) Human dignity 3. What do you see as the most pressing issue facing our society today? In what ways should we as social workers respond to this issue? 4. What do you consider to be your personal strengths and areas in need of development in relation to becoming a professional social worker? You should be self-reflective of your own strengths and challenges and state how you were able to overcome and fix those challenges. Present your outlook on the social work field today and how you would like to impact it. Why are you interested in the field of social work? 5. If your undergraduate GPA was lower than a 3.0 (mine was): Address why your GPA was not a 3.0 and describe the challenges you've overcome since undergrad that ensures your success now. 6. Explain one year lapse in work for medical reasons Tips: Talk about UNE MSW faculty that you look forward to working with. **I will be attaching supporting materials for these requirements. source..
Social Justice, Cultural Diversity, and Human Dignity Name Institution Date of submission I have interests in undertaking the online program since I have several commitments in various areas and occupations. I am intending to accomplish issues and tasks from my desktop besides proceeding with my routine working program. Besides interests in schooling, I have many several commitments. I have to secure time besides my normal working hours; I will secure sufficient time to enhance effective correspondence to the assigned curricular obligations. I have the capability to accomplish the vice; however, I have no much time. My proficiency in computer and technological skills will facilitate my learning through the online program. Secondly, I have sufficient research skills that will enhance comprehension of the assigned tasks and study materials. Thus, I will be able to understand effectively without close supervision. Due to my tight schedule in work, studying online gives me an opportunity to quench my academic thirst without necessarily interrupting my work. We live in a world full of injustices and discrimination. These discriminations are based on gender, religion, ethnicity, and race among other social issues. There need to be people who commit themselves to ending the vice of discrimination and embark on equality for all. We need people to make the world a place that can accommodate everyone despite of their gender, social class, or ethnicity. As a MSW I intend to fight for equality, and help the less privileged people fight for their rights. I intend to be a part of the fight to attain a dream world in which all people have equal opportunity to a good life despite of their various differences. Having come from a family of an ex-soldier in Vietnam, my personal experiences have greatly influenced my view on social injustices. My father was a Vietnam veteran suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. He was extremely v...
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