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Global Ethics and New Stage Business Development (Thesis Proposal Sample)


Use tabs or paragraph indent for indentations--not spaces. But for a memo, use block paragraphs--no indents.Use paragraphing. Cite your sources. Use an A-list font. Sign your memo. Use tabs in your memo routing header.Put tabs in your memo routing header. Use italics for book titles, not quote marks. Don't use APA citation style in the memo. Introduce each source as you use it. Use a footer. 
Please cite a work journal entry by date and number.use and cite this entry:(don't have to cite the whole entry, )
Date: 28/10/2015
Task: media
Topic: global ethics and new stage business development 
Time spent on task: 1h 
"Learning global ethics and standards is another approach to moving from the old way of doing business to developing a new structure" (Delia, 2009, p. 119). 
This article gives me hope because it tells me of the changing culture of business. It shows that businesses are starting to recognize the individuals that make up the entire system, and perhaps, they are rediscovering the reason for their very existence. While businesses are still geared towards creating the best value for its clients, the expansion in the definition of its client base to include not only those who have invested, but also the communities where businesses are located is a sure development. With climate change and environmental degradation in our midst, we can no longer afford to produce without regard for the consequences. More than creating a new structure for business, current systems show that business values must also change - from a stress on profit; we must stress the purpose of this profit. 
Delia, Sylvia. "Ethics and Integrity in Multinational Companies." Review of International Comparative Management (2009): 113-20. Web. 15 Oct. 2015.
the # of sources is 1, which is that entry, don't forget to cite.
A proposal, also, proposes something. Here, you should be proposing a white paper project. Since you already done white paper order, propose something based on what you discussed on the white paper order, that is, business ethics and climate change, as well as make use of the cited entry provided. 


Proposal in memo format
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Proposal in memo format
Climate change has been a hotly discussed topic around the globe in recent times. It is important to note that it has not been the subject of many debates as well as international forums for no reason, climate change is a contentious issue around the world. It is also important to note that climate change is not just happening by itself, it is the consequence of the works of ...
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