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Exploitation In The Novel Disgrace By J.M. Coetzee (Thesis Proposal Sample)


For example: The difference between David’s and Lucy’s perspectives on how to respond to the social problems in post-apartheid South Africa and how that fits with the author’s theme or main message.

Point of view: the author’s focus on the perspective of one or more characters in the novel Disgrace by J.M.Coetzee


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J.M Coetzee in his novel Disgrace highlights the plight of the white and black individuals in the post-apartheid South Africa as they struggled to coexist and survive. He engages the readers on various themes such as sex, family, men and masculinity, women and femininity, contrasting regions, justice and judgment and hate among others. He however manages to incorporate all the aforementioned themes in the major aspect of exploitation that is rampant in both a personal and societal perspective. More specifically, the author managed to relate the themes of exploitation and sex throughout most parts of his novel.
Firstly, and through the protagonist David Lurie, the author was able to showcase how he was able to use his position at the university and age to exploit his students and prostitutes around town for sexual favors. Though the relationship between David and Melanie at first was consensual it can be argued that she exploited her youthful innocence through imbibing her with alcohol and using his position at the university to get her personal contacts. The exploitation and persistent sexual advances eventually prove to be his downfall and disgrace from the university and society. He can also be compared to a predator when you put the age differences between him and Mela

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