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Critique of HRM in the Public Sector in Jordan Compared to the UK (Thesis Proposal Sample)

For Writer Ernie ONLY!!! Critique of the HRM in the public sector in Jordan paste in the UK public sector as a model product it's a Dissertation proposal so please make sure you will do your best because if your work will be good I am going to do with you whole my Dissertation for the same topic and if you want ask me any questions just send me just to get an Idea about my topic "how HRM are manage in the public sector in Jordan and use the UK as a kind of a model so you are going to hold a UK look this is what has been done in the UK and this is what has done in Jordan "something like that source..
Running Head: Critique of HRM in the Public Sector in Jordan Compared to the UK
Critique of HRM in the Public Sector in Jordan Compared to the UK
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Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc291818956 \h 3Research question and objectives PAGEREF _Toc291818957 \h 4Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc291818958 \h 5Methodology PAGEREF _Toc291818959 \h 13Bias PAGEREF _Toc291818960 \h 15Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc291818961 \h 15Works Cited PAGEREF _Toc291818962 \h 18
The Jordanian public sector is quite different from the UK public sector, mainly due to the fact, that one is a Middle Eastern country with a different culture and value systems, whereas the UK public sector is the Western ideal. The main objective of this research is to critique the HRM systems in Jordan and suggest methods of improvement in HRM policies of Jordan, which lags behind the UK. This paper will try to compare, along various criteria, the public sector in these two countries, and will try to outline how human resource management in both the countries differs along different continuums of hiring criteria, attitude towards women - whether there is a quota or not, anti-discrimination rules, processes, and the systems that are in place for the entire HRM process, and how Jordan can improve. Moreover, the paper will look into the systems and procedures in both the countries, and try to ascertain the standards being followed in Jordan and in the UK and will then outline how Jordan can improve its public sector by ridding itself of corruption, nepotism and discrimination against women- who can be a good source of HR for public sector companies.
The report and its findings are expected to aid various companies as well as countries in determining the characteristics that need to be present in an ideal situation, and how some of these characteristics can be inculcated, following a through examination of the scenarios at hand.
Research question and objectives
The research questions that will be answered as a part of this project include:
Are there any differences in HRM practices in public sector and private sector companies in general?
What are the HRM practices that are followed by public companies in Jordan?
What are the HRM practices that are followed by public companies in United Kingdom?
What are the major differences that the public sector companies in both the countries have with regards to HRM practice being followed?
How can Jordan learn from the ideal set by the UK in making its HRM systems more transparent and more efficient?
In order to translate these research questions into tangible instruments, and in order to have a measurable impact, the questions need translated into the objectives of this study. Having said it thus, the objective of this study overall is to ‘find and...
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