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Proposal of "Global warming and how to handle it" (Thesis Proposal Sample)

Assignment The proposal must include three sections. It is typically three to four pages long, typed and double-spaced. The sections should be clearly identified with packaging to encourage the reader. Part One: Introduction (35 points) You must have a heading, a title, telling us what the project is you propose to do. Then describe the problem you plan to address, and why you think your chosen method (empirical research, feasibility study, technical manual) is the best approach to obtaining information or solving the problem. If you are proposing an empirical research report, introduce the topic, provide some background and discuss your hypotheses. State the hypothesis. Discuss the practical and policy implications of your research. If you are proposing a feasibility report, you need to discuss the nature of the problem, plan of action, procedures to be changed, and who might be affected. You should also discuss the potential benefits of your plan. State your feasibility question clearly. If you are proposing a technical manual, you need to introduce your reader to the product, the process you will use to explain it and the problem you are addressing and its solution. Be persuasive and make your goals clear. State the manual title. Part Two: Procedures (35 points) In this section you need to explain how you intend to complete the project you are proposing. This includes your data collection and analysis techniques. If you propose empirical research or feasibility report, describe the procedure you will use to collect and analyze your data. In the feasibility study you will also discuss the criteria you intend to use in judging the feasibility of your proposed plan of action. If you are proposing a technical manual, you will discuss your plans for acquiring the information to write the manual. Part Three: Qualifications, sources (30 points) Explain why you are qualified to do the project. This may include professional or academic qualifications, research experience, interest. Explain what sources you will use as references for this project, and be specific. Writing Your proposal needs to be free of grammatical and spelling errors. Use clear, concise and accurate language. Mistakes will cost points. I choose the topic: Global warming and how to handle it source..
PROPOSAL OF "GLOBAL WARMING AND HOW TO HANDLE IT” Student's Name: Professor's Name: Course Title: Date: Introduction: The Impact of Climate Change on Canadian Agriculture Climate change (or global warming) has been known to change the frequency as well as intensity of weather events. The change in weather events is a great challenge to human and natural systems as it poses risks to the natural ecosystem and interferes with the normal balance of nature (Reinsborough, 2003). Agriculture is by far the most vulnerable system to global warming. The major objective of this empirical research study is to outline as well as estimate the economic impact of global warming on agriculture in the western Canadian prairies; additionally, the study aims at capturing the effects of weather conditions on the viability of systems of production alongside the effects of market prices by accurately predicting the economic effects of global warming (Tubiello, Soussana, & Howden, 2007). To better understand the problem of global warming on agriculture on western Canadian agriculture, a two way effects-based panel model with time and provinces is calibrated in order to simulate a set of potential global warming and global change in market prices on prairie agriculture economics. From the effects panel model, the predicted effects of rainfall changes; future market prices in the world; and increase in temperature indicate that indeed global warming will have complicated effects on Canadian prairie agriculture in a non-linear manner. The major hypothesis prior to carrying out this empirical research study is that global warming has a major negative effect on the Canadian prairie agriculture. Another hypothesis suitable in this study is that global warming will likely result in changes in rainfall patterns, increase in global market prices, and increase in temperature. The study results will verify the vulnerability of the Canadian prairie agriculture to water scarcity as a result of negative rainfall patterns. Therefore, land value and use in the prairies depend on the amount of precipitation received; this is the reason why precipitation is very crucial to agriculture in the prairies. Procedures In order to effectively carry out this research study, a detailed collection of data and subsequent analysis is required. Data collection methods will include actual rainfall and temperature measurements using the required apparatus (rain gauge and thermometer, respectively). Additionally, farmers in the western prairies have to be interviewed in order to get a clear outline of what they have been going through in terms of global warming experiences. By interviewing the farmers, it is also possible to get their perceptions on global price trends in both common and uncommon crops. Apart from conduc...
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