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Exploring a Portfolio Topic: Developing a Working Thesis (Thesis Proposal Sample)


Exploring a Portfolio Topic; Developing a Working Thesis (90 Points)
"I am writing my portfolio on a subject that is a familiar term to most Americans and which brings about strong emotions: Puppy Mills. Most everyone knows the basic purpose of a Puppy Mill: breeding pure-bred dogs that are later sold to various retail operations for sale to the general public. They also know the Mills have a reputation for subjecting these animals to horrendous conditions and make a comment of something along the lines of “people who run those places have a special place in …”
My focus will be on why these mills continue to operate, why they are not banned statewide anywhere in the United States, as well as who supports their existence and why they do so."
In Module 1, you were asked to review the assignment instruction for the Module 8 Portfolio Project. The Portfolio assignment requires that you select a national or global social issue for which to explore causes and possible solutions. As an academic writer, it is vital to form a working thesis about your topic early, so that you can shape your research and form an inquiry plan about the research material that you will be using. You will also need to select and analyze key concepts of the topic early in the research process.
For this Critical Thinking assignment, you are to compose a working thesis that takes a definite position on an arguable issue and maps a few of the main points you plan to explore. Specifically, your working thesis should state a problem, describe and evaluate at least one aspect of the cause, and offer one potential solution.
For example, one could explore the recent boom in real estate values in a specific area of the nation or world. While this could be seen as a positive situation and not a problem, any dramatic increase in the cost and availability of housing can become problematic for some groups or the society as a whole. Within this topic, key concepts need to be discovered, such as what are the effects of changes in home valuations or how does sudden population growth affect a city. You will need to state and clearly specify your approach and position on the topic and argue the validity of it. You will also need to understand any potential arguments against your position.
Before you make a final decision, try brainstorming. Choose two or three potential topics and explore the key concepts involved to see if the topic holds your interest and is doable.
Use third person
Assert your academic voice
Choose a topic related to a problem you would like to address; ask a question about how to solve the problem. The question must start with the phrase, “What would it take to . . .?” Answer the question with a thesis that names the problem, cause, and solution. 
Describe why you made your final selection and discuss in some detail the key concepts you think are important to that particular topic.
Cite at least two sources for this assignment. You will have to cite several credible sources in your final portfolio project, so start exploring credible sources now. In academic writing, it is always best practices to cite credible sources, such as a scholarly journal article. The CSU-Global Library is an excellent place to search for credible, scholarly sources.
Your written paper should be 2-3 pages in length not counting the title and reference pages, which you must include.
Your paper must be formatted according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA.


Puppy Mills” is a term used to describe the large-scale production of puppies with the aim of making profits. Operations of puppy mills are also known to hold an interest in making profits at the expense of the welfare of the animals. The relationship between human being and dogs is quite close. It is, however, perplexing that the human-dog relationship has only resulted in increasing moral concern on how human beings value the welfare of dogs. There are approximately 80 million pets in the United States (Burger, 2014). Apart from dogs offering compassion to their human friends, they play other important roles, for instance in the military. The significance of dogs in the human society has attracted some animal welfare groups that have actively protested against violations of dogs. Despite efforts of such lobby groups, it is shown throughout the research that Puppy Mills have continued to boom globally and in the United States. Apparently, the dilemma surrounding the operation of Puppy Mills is far from being resolved, just because the law does not condemn its activities in totality. What would it take to resolve the Puppy Mills menace in the United States? To answer the thesis question, the study explores causes of the problem, complexities involved and recommendation of approaches to resolve the problem.

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