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Marketing of unhealthy food to children (Thesis Proposal Sample)

Please read carefully: I have this research paper on \"Marketing unhealthy food to children\" I really got stock in the middle please hellllpppp. I did the position paper last week which I received a 95/100. This week the proposal and outline which is the plan on how I plan to expand my position paper. The annotated bibliography is also due this week, I will attach a copy of my position position paper so you guys can have an idea where I\'am at and I will all the format so you guys can give me the best paper. Please I really don\'t want to fell this class. thanks for your help PS:I put 4 pages because I need 2 pages for the proposal and outline and 2 pages for the annotated bibliography. please make sure that I get them separate thanks. source..
Annotated Bibliography Name: Professor’s name: Institution: Due date: Hebden, L., King, L., Kelly, B., Chapman, K., Innes-Hughes, C., & Gunatillaka, N. (2010). Regulating the types of foods and beverages marketed to Australian children: How useful are food industry commitments? Nutrition & Dietetics, 67(4), 258-266. These article discuses about the regulation of unhealthy foods marketed to children. Marketing of food is identified as one of those aspects that lead to the excess consumption of food by children. In order to acquire profits companies increasingly tend to gain access to children to influence their consumers and them which is unethical. Adult consumers are similar to roaches: they are likely to become “immune” to traditional marketing strategies as well as advertisements. At present, companies tend to avoid this by marketing to young children in its place: money is indirectly taken out from adults by influencing or manipulating their children. There are two major explanations why marketing approaches target children: due to the influential power that children contain over their parents, and for the reason that they are easier to influence. Therefore, parents can be educated on how to prevent...
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