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How Myth Help Forming Our Domain Culture, Composing Our Ideology And Influencing Our Daily Life (Thesis Proposal Sample)


use the reading I attached as the sources. No other sources needed.


Thesis proposal and annotated bibliography
How myth help forming our domain culture, composing our ideology and influencing our daily life
The topic
I choose to focus on how myths form and influence the domain culture, ideology and daily life. The representation of myths is different depending on the cultural and political contexts, such that cultural products are also ideological as they are constructed from different elements of culture. Behaviors and myth are also dependent on culture, the daily life experiences depend on what people encounter and how they choose to live, where culture and ideology then affect how people interpret their experiences
The rationale for investigating this topic
Myths influence different aspects of cultures, but they also distort meaning depending on how people appropriate these myths. People use myths to understand what they do not know and this influences their identity even when there are no facts or evidence that backup the myths. Hence, understanding how shared myths influence domain cultures, ideology and daily life as part of identity.
The research question and plan
The research question is how myth helps forming our domain culture, composing our ideology and influencing our daily life? I will look at how myths influence culture and how this is interrelated to the dominant culture. This will provide insights on what affects what people value and believe, and what makes them change their perspectives. This will be followed by the discussion section on the importance of context in explaining how myths affects ideology and culture. This will further highlight how different authors understand the place of myths in a society.
Theoretical perspective
The symbolic interactionism perspective highlights that a society depends on how the people interact and how symbols they create and represent meaning. Since a myth is rooted in stories and the past they communicate specific meanings. Myths are important in defining social interactions and even group identity, and myth adoption can affects how people view insiders and outsiders who interact with. The way people act and react affects the culture across time and in symbolic interactions different meanings are attached to specific situations, myth

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