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Counsel on Marriage and Parenting Psychology Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Counsel on Marriage and Parenting:
When preparing this paper, reflect on the marriage and parenting information provided. Write some instructions for couples who are parents, perhaps as guidelines you might refer to later, when you are asked for advice on how to handle various marriage and parenting issues. Address the following under appropriate headings in your paper:
• Provide general guidance for marriage (20 points)
• Provide general guidance for parents of a particular age group (your choice-infants, toddlers, grade-school, teens, etc.) (10 points)
• Provide counsel for age appropriate discipline and teaching methods for parents of the child with behavior problems in the home (10 points)
• Provide general guidance for parents who are dealing with a child with behavior and/or academic problems in school, including how you might handle a referral to someone trained to work with problems you are not equipped to advise on, such as ADHD, autism, a child needing a math tutor, etc. (10 points).
• Provide encouragement for fathers to be involved with their children (10 points). Not that your instructor is picking on fathers, but this seems to be a big need in our country today.
• Incorporates Scripture and 4 other scholarly resources (10 points)
DO NOT WRITE IN FIRST PERSON. Also, be sure to incorporate Scripture and 4 other scholarly resources (This will count as 10 points). Do not copy and paste long passages of Scripture; you can cite them instead. You may refer to Dobson, but look up some other references using our online library. Random websites are unacceptable and are not peer-reviewed scholarly articles. Avoid giving your personal anecdotes, since this is an academic paper.
You need to use footnoting, and support your statements with references to the class books, the Bible and outside sources (you need to use four references as a minimum, not including your Bible, and refer to scholarly sources such as a published article or book chapter; websites are not acceptable). There should be five pages in the body of the paper, plus be sure to use the current Luther Rice cover page and sources cited page, bringing the page count to seven (7) as a minimum. You can find a template with this information under the tab labeled Center for Research and Writing on the left of your screen. This template includes page numbers, heading guidelines, and hints and tips.
Please be sure to review the rubric for this paper to determine how your paper will be evaluated.


Counsel on Marriage and Parenting
Counsel on Marriage and Parenting
The family remains the basic unit of human sociology that should be protected by all means necessary. In the past half-century, family has witnessed changes that impact its structure majorly. The family basis has shifted from a purely homogeneous to highly heterogeneous. Currently, there are homosexual families as well as the traditional heterogeneous family setups. Even more notable are the impacts that economic changes have brought to the family. The traditional setup demanded that the father fetches livelihoods for his family through economic endeavors such as employment. That structure distanced fathers from their sons. However, the fact that the labor market delivered efficiently and aspects such as housing and inflation barely concerned individuals meant that fathers could use their earnings to serve their families just well. The economic paradigms have since changed and families require faster upward mobility. Both parents and sometimes young children are needed in the labor market to fuel the mobility. The impacts of the changing operational environment have drawn even a larger gap between family members. Fathers and mothers currently interact with their workmates for longer hours than they do with their immediate family members. Superficially, people are beginning to lose the value that they accorded the family in favor of emphasis on socio-economic upward mobility. The changes have left integral prospects to the family such as marriage and parenting at such a bad state that people need counseling in multiple aspects including guidance for marriage and guidance for parenting in particular paradigms.

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