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Darrieus wind turbine (Term Paper Sample)

introduction and talk about turbines in general. introduction about the darrieus wind turbine. talk about how turbines work. then talk about how the darrieus one works. then how much energy it produces. and how it evolved over the years. and try to talk about the difference between it and other turbines (wether the differences are advantages or disadvantages). then a conclusion source..
Making the most of the wind: the Darrieus Turbine and recent developments
Our world today is one that is growing at a faster pace and is always challenging our habits with it high demands in terms of costs and adaptability. The developments in the fields of science and technology has seemed to make our lives easier with its introduction of new devices and processes that revolutionize the way by which we undergo our everyday routines - from taking a bath, entertaining ourselves, eating and many more. In our case, it is undeniable that one of our key needs is the abundant supply of energy. Energy is a very important part of our lives as it enables us to proceed with our activities. We need energy to process and cook our food; we need energy to sustain the industries that subsequently define human activities. Wars have been forged ahead because of the desire to have access, if not control over the massive sources of energy in the world. The changing lifestyle of the 21st century population keeps on subtly demanding for innovations that will satiate their desires for continual improvement - things being done faster, easier and better.
With the growing demand of the present-day human population, it is inevitable for people to invest in necessary technologies to passively postpone human`s exploitations on the Earth`s natural energy resources. And since the supply and the demand for energy is one of the issues that define our key, daily activities, there have been numerous, consistent efforts forwarded to address the deemed fallbacks under this important issue. We have seen how mankind has tried to vitalize the energy sector by attempting to develop alternative ways for its production. Hence, we have the solar energy, the energy obtained from large windmills, energy from water and many more. At present, wind energy is one of the least expensive of the alternative/renewable energy sources and is becoming more affordable as the technology improves and infrastructures develop.
Wind energy is estimated to have the lowest cost of all renewable options. Governments and private businesses have been investing in research in this technology and results are paying off. For example, it is estimated that the cost per kilowatt-hour (cents/kWh) from wind energy has been reduced by 80% over the last two decades. Recent high efficiency wind turbines develop electricity for about 11 to 13 cents/kWh depending on turbine design and location. However, the lowest cost of hydrocarbon fuel sources is coal, generating electricity for about 6 cents/kWh. Still, there are many opportunities to further reduce the cost of wind energy.
One of the better mechanisms invented to produce viable energy from wind is the Darrieus wind turbine. The Darrieus wind turbine is a wind turbine designed to have a vertical appearance that can generate electricity through wind energy. With the initial model constructed by Georges Jean Marie Darrieus in 1931, this wind turbine is created ...
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