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Visualization. 3D printing. Technology Term Paper. (Term Paper Sample)


This is what I choose to write. I choose visualization first, if you want to change the association or the writer wants to change, you can also tell me.
Over the course of the semester we will explore how mathematical concepts underlie many modern technologies. The goal of this paper is for you to extend this type of analysis to a technology of your choice. As discussed below, your choice of technology must be approved and cannot be one covered in lecture. I encourage you to look at the table of contents from The Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics for ideas (a link is posted on Blackboard in the “What is Applied Mathematics?” folder). Note that not every item listed in that book is a technology.


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3D printing
The 3D printing technology is a process that involves building a three-dimensional object from a model using Computer-Aided Design (CAD). The object is created by successive addition of material layer by layer, and this makes the process also be referred to as additive manufacturing (Conner et al. 64). It is different from conventional machining, forging, and casting processes since these materials involve removal of material from a stock item. The process is called subtractive manufacturing. The material can also be poured into a mold or be shaped through presses, dies, or hammers.
How 3D Printing Works
The technology uses a manufacturing technology referred to as additive manufacturing, AM. AM is the method through which an object is created through addition of material to the object in different layers (Ngo et al. 172). In the history of additive manufacturing, it has been established to undergo various names and terminologies; 3-D layering, stereolithography, and 3D printing.
Some of the basic principles of how additive manufacturing works is evident in caves; water drips for thousands of years and thus creates several layers of mineral deposits, and this accumulates forming stalactites and stalagmites (Kuo et al. 120). 

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