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The Mechanism Of Cloud Storage And The Mathematical Principles (Term Paper Sample)


Paper Outline
Your paper should address the following points. These bullets may be used as section headings in your
paper, but are not required to be.
• Introduction: Give a brief background/history of the technology. What is the technology? Why is
it interesting? How is it used and who uses it, etc.? How does the technology compare to previous
technologies that served a similar purpose?
• How It Works: Give a high-level description of how the technology works. Of course, you are not
expected to understand or discuss all details of the technology.
• Problem Statement: Give, as clearly as possible, a description of a role mathematics has in the
technology. Try to formulate it as a precise problem statement or question. For example, in our
discussion of GPS, we formulated the precise problem of determining the number of satellites needed
to identify your location.
• Math Concept(s): What math concept(s) can be/are used to address your problem statement? You
do not necessarily need to solve the problem statement; but you should discuss how these math
concept(s) work toward solving it. You are encouraged to illustrate each concept with a small
Make sure your math concept is not a physics or engineering concept in disguise (for example), and
is discussed at a level suitable for AMS 103 (e.g., familiarity with calculus cannot be assumed).
Math concepts include geometry, statistics, number theory, coordinate systems, optimization prob-
lems, information theory, inverse problems, algorithmic analysis, graph theory, integrals, differential
equations, and many others. An equation is too trivial of a math concept for this assignment.
• Future: Speculate about the future of the technology, if it seems appropriate. How might it develop
or improve? In your opinion, will it still be relevant in 50 years?
• References: List your sources! These are likely to be webpages, but may not be. Wikipedia should
not be used; it may be a great place to find general information, but should not be cited. Verify the
information on wikipedia from other sources and cite them instead. At least three or four sources
should be cited. You should use MLA or APA formats for your references (your choice, but only pick
one). Make sure to include the title, URL, date accessed, and author (if known) for each webpage.
References must be written in English. You should have in-text citations to your works cited list
throughout your paper to indicate the specific source of a statement in your discussion.


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Cloud Storage Technology
From family photos to advanced critical systems owned by large multinationals, data storage technology is an invaluable tool that has rapidly evolved, thanks to a century-long efforts of scientific and engineering advancements. The invention of the magnetic tape in 1928 by a German engineer, Fritz Pfleumer, set the stage for what would one day become a must have tool for nearly everyone today (Zetta Staff). Between 1930s and 1990s, progress in storage technologies saw the introduction of Magneto-Optical discs, hard disks, music tapes, floppy disks, compact disks (CDs), flash drives, DVDs, and CD-RW that were more versatile and could accommodate enormous data than their predecessors. The turn of the millennium opened new possibilities with the invention of SD cards, Blue-Ray discs and cloud data storage. Today, cloud storage technologies have not only made data storage seamless, but more convenient to build the next era of cloud computing for individuals and businesses. Cloud storage technology ensures that data is made available for recovery anywhere and anytime. This paper explores the mechanism of cloud storage, the mathematical principles such as stochastic models, helping solve issues associated with cloud storage such as security and resource availability, and finally concludes with the future of storage technology.
How Cloud Storage Works
Cloud storage technology allows computer users to save data to off-site storage facilities maintained by third parties. This means that instead of saving data to local computer drives, enormous data can be stored in remote databases with the Internet providing a link between the database and the local computer. Data centers serve to house cloud storage systems hosting all forms of data, such as digital images and web emails. A cloud storage system requires a single data serve that is connected to the Internet. A computer user or client sends data or files to the data server through the Internet and is recorded for future retrieval via a web-based interface upon request. The server can either send the files back to the client or allow the user to modify the files sitting on the server. Cloud storage systems often rely on multiple data servers and since computers will occasionally demand repair, it is critical that the same information is stored on different machines. This concept is known as redundancy, and without redundancy cloud storage systems may fail to ensure that clients access information anywhere and anytime. Fig 1 illustrates this concept of redundancy that allows for multiple servers storing the same information in case of any uncertainty (Strickland). Since most cloud storage systems can store the same data on servers using different power supplies, clients are able to access their data in case one of the power supplies fails. Cloud storage users are not worried about the size of their storage space as they can create data backups on different cloud storages in case something happens to their computer systems. This is the digital version of the adage that go

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