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general concept of eminent domain (Term Paper Sample)

1) present competing arguments (pros/cons), as well as your own opinions and conclusions regarding the policy issue. For this paper the policy issue is going to be the general concept of eminent domain or you can choose eminent domain abuse. Which ever one you prefer to write on, it does not matter to me. 2) Include and address the following section headings (required): 1. Introduction, 2. Background Information, 3. Analysis/Competing Arguments (pro/con), 4. Observations and Recommended Policy Changes, 5. Conclusion, and 6. References (identify a minimum of two different references [i.e. text book and other books, interview, web site, newspaper, survey, etc.]). 3) Use at least one reference from the book: American Government and Politics Today by Schmidt Shelley Bardes. source..
Name: Course: Tutor: Date: General concept of Eminent Domain Eminent domain is the vested right on the government under which was vested on the government under the Fifth Amendment to subdue privately owned property for public utilization. The government could acquire privately owned land to build a school, expand an airport, and build a bridge or a road. Under this law, the government compensates the owner for the land and property in it. The market value is utilized in this and compensation is done in full. Special cases where the government undertakes this to a large number of people, it is upon itself to look for alternative means of livelihood of the people vacated (Schultz 13). In many cases, the government looks for land elsewhere and proposes the deal to the concerned parties. Mutual agreement is settled on, and if both parties are in unison, the process is implemented. Recently, there have been lingering questions on the pertinence of eminent domain and its authenticity in certain instances. In accordance to the law, the government is mandated to take up personal property if they can produce certifiable evidence it will of public service (Schultz 19). Numerous cases have been brought forward against the government in an attempt to control the government’s power to snatch private property. There has been a direct push to the government from many sources in pursuit to reform the eminent domain laws. The government has been using eminent domain to forcefully vacate people off their hard-owned land of which some have built very expensive houses, offices, ranches, hotels, malls and thriving businesses. This rises the eyebrows on how far can the government go, and how it should be done (MacBride 109). Which laws and regulations govern the process? How much should be taken from a person in the name of eminent domain? The civil society and human rights activists have tried to come out and speak out for the people. In fact, ...
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