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Analysis Of The Science Romantic Film Her (Term Paper Sample)


Read this entire prompt so you understand what is asked of you.
To complete this exam, you must watch the film Her. First,view the trailer (Links to an external site.)https://howardcc(dot)instructure(dot)com/images/play_overlay.pngfor the film and take a moment to think about what you expect. Then watch the film – as you do, please watch with a pencil and paper so you can take notes/note the time and place of moments you want to quote/cite:
Her (Links to an external site.)
You must be logged into Canvas to view the film. The film is approximately 2 hours long. Once you have viewed the film, you will be prepared to compose a written response (see below). Or you can watch the flim Her (2013) on a movie site
This exam will measure the following course objectives:
· Identify and apply concepts related to issues of aesthetics, creativity, humanism, meaning and/or invention
· Incorporate or identify innovation, risk-taking, and creativity into analysis using narrative storytelling
· Pose and address questions related to the confluence of creative and humanistic expression with social and cultural contexts of the human condition
· Assess, reflect on, and critically analyze the role of creative humanistic expression in illuminating the human condition and search for meaning
· Length: Minimum of 3 but no more than 5 pages, MLA format for short papers
· Refer directly to specific moments in the film in your answer to illustrate your thinking
· Question and challenge social, cultural, and aesthetic issues in the film
· Reflect on the role of creative expression in communicating what it means to be human
· Please remember that this assignment will be submitted to – it is important that you submit your own, honest work
In the beginning of your essay, identify what you perceive as the creative goals of the film and its desired impact upon you as a viewer. What were your expectations coming in after viewing the trailer? What do you think Spike Jonze (the writer/producer/director) hopes to say or accomplish? In what specific ways does it succeed or fall short?
In the body of your essay, discuss in what ways this film takes risks and challenges us, both as individuals and as contemporary humans? With what ethical and/or social issues does the film engage? How has your understanding of these issues been affected by the film? Also in the body of your essay, identify what three challenging and thoughtful questions you would ask Spike Jonze or the protagonist, Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), if you could. Why do you think these questions matter?
In your conclusion, reflect upon the meaning of this film to you. How does it help you understand yourself and/or other people better or differently?
MLA In-Text Citations for Media Sources
Adapted from Angela Gulick, Parkland College Writing Lab, July 2016
Citing and Citation: To “cite” a source is to tell where you found the information you are borrowing, such as details from a television program, motion picture, DVD, CD, song, or online video. A citation is the collection of details about where you found your information. The details of a media source citation include 1) a signal phrase, 2) an action verb, and 3) a parenthetical citation.
Citing a Movie
1. Signal Phrase: A signal phrase is a formal way you alert your reader to the source of your borrowed information. The signal phrase is also an opportunity to give credibility to your source, by providing details such as the source’s title, additional performers or artistic contributors, or any other details that would show your source’s expertise. Here are twocommon details to include in a signal phrase for a media source:
· The name of the source itself – the movie. Italicize the title. Example: Her not “Her”
· The names of anyone involved in the source necessary to understand the context of the source such as the name of the director, artist, author, choreographer, actor, singer, performer, and/or character. You have to think about what part of the source you are discussing and provide those details that help your reader follow along.
2. An action verb such as writes, illustrates, demonstrates, shows, argues, claims,demonstrates. Another option is to begin your signal phrase with According to…
3. A parenthetical citation: A parenthetical citation gives information that is not included in the signal phrase such as a time stamp for a media source. If it exists, provide the time or range of times such as the hours/minutes/seconds as displayed on yourcomputer or media player. Separate these numbers with colons, such ashour:minute:second (00:17:15 – 00:18:42).


Analysis of the Film Her
The film Her is a science romantic movie that combines a number of aspects to bring out the reality on the relationship between human beings and technology. The film director Spike Jonze demonstrates to the viewers what it exactly means to live in a world where one is looking for a sense of connection with human beings but they are not able to get it. This makes human beings to turn to technological devices to seek companionship and breaking the loneliness. Through the character Theodore, Jonze intends to demonstrate that human beings can survive in virtual relationships even though there is lack of physical consummation of the relationship since one of the partners in the relationship is a body while the other is virtual. Jonze also demonstrates how our living circumstances such as loneliness can make us to consider alternative means of breaking the boredom. Theodore has just separate from his ex-wife and is so lonely in his Los Angeles apartment. Through the movie, one can rethink on the future of the technological changes and how they can influence our lives in a positive or a negative manner.
At the beginning of the film, we are introduced to what can be referred to as the message in the film that is the way human beings are turning to technological devices to express their love. Theodore uses the office and gesture activated software in the office to write romantic letters for people in the Company. More importantly, the letters do not just come out as typed, the computer itself has its own handwriting making the letters to come out as handwritten (00: 02: 03- 00: 04: 20). Through the film, we also see how technology can surround us in everywhere we go. Theodore is lonely and spends his time in the house playing games. While traveling in the train, Theodore is also lonely since everyone is busy with their life. At this point, there is one clear thing that comes clear in our minds. One can ask themselves, does individualism life make people to turn to technology as a way of looking for companionship? Human beings are often social beings and they will always look for companionship with other human beings. When they fail to maintain social contact with real human beings, they turn to technological devices as a way of maintaining their contact CITATION Dar14 \l 1033 (Dargis, 2014).
Before purchasing the OS, Theodore only interacted with two people Amy Adams and her husband Matt Letscher. However, after purchasing the new OS for his computer called Samantha, Theodore develop a good rapport with the machine and spends most of his time communicating with it. When Theodore visits his friends in their house, he

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