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Theology, The Torah, Leviticus (Term Paper Sample)


Five Books of Moses, Introduction to Leviticus and Leviticus 1–10 (pp. 539-582)
Essay: How does sacrificing animals as a form of worship reinforce the Priestly hierarchy of God over human beings and human beings over other animals seen in Genesis 1:26-28 and 9:1-7? How do you think the ancient Israelites’ relationship to the domesticated animals they sacrificed differed from our own society’s treatment of the animals we eat?


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Religion and Theology
Theology, The Torah, Leviticus
The paper talks about the sacrifices that pleased God because not all of them did. It will help readers determine the reasons behind the sacrificial ceremonies that took place at that time. Aside from that, the difference between the Israelites' relationship with domesticated animals from how today's society treats animals is also part of this paper.
In the book of Genesis, sacrificial offerings are as natural as a man who prays because it shows how the person feels towards one's self and God. Ever since sin started happening in the world, guilt, alienation, and helplessness from God, animal sacrifices were believed to be necessary. They are being relieved from those things that are important, which made people ask God for help. The story of Cain and Abel was the first occurrence of sacrificial practice in the book of Genesis. Another one is the story of Noah during the great flood, and when Abraham offered Isaac as an offering to God. Based on these accounts, it can be said that any form of offering was a necessary part of worship. Therefore, sacrifice is recognized as a religious rite when it is offered to God to retain the sacred order. The offered sacrifice is to replace a harsher punishment in which the person needs to experience. With those sacrifices that were made, patterns were created so that people will know what to do to achieve forgiveness and salvation. In addition, the practice of giving a sacrifice is a symbolism that shows a person is serious about the covenant. Those who sacrificed made a covenant by cutting an animal open, and both parties shared the carcasses. It was an indication of the level of seriousness they have with their intentions. The lives of those making the covenant were at risk, but it was the only way to prove they are serious about it.
That is how God’s priestly hierarchy was reinforced through animal sacrifices and human beings over animals. In the book of Leviticus, grain offering was made, which c

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