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The History and Development of the Sacrament Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


This paper requires MLA formatting that includes:
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The student will be graded on how well his or her style conforms to the above basic requirements The works cited must include no less than four sources. Those sources must be relevant to the
topic and meet minimum academic qualifications. The acceptable types of sources include the
a. class text
b. print or electronic book
c. electronic, peer-reviewed journal article
d. website with a .edu address
5) Certain sources do not qualify for works cited. You will be penalized if you use them. These are:
a. Wikipedia
b. standard dictionary or encyclopedia (Web or paper)
c. any website not .edu
The student should remember that any source listed in your works cited that does not meet


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The History and Development of the Sacrament
Sacraments are for people who are aware and displaying thoughts of Christ. The sacraments are set for holy people requiring a person to be aware and repent sin before taking the sacraments. According to Sweeney, Sacraments became common in the Roman Catholic Church in the A.D. 500 to 1500 with people taking the sacraments as a connection to Christ (98). There have been gradual changes in sacraments based on the beliefs of different churches. In the 16th century, the sacraments were cataloged as seven. These included Baptism, Confirmation, Penance, The Eucharist, Sacred Orders, Holy Matrimony, And Extreme Unction or the Anointing of the Sick (Kappes 469). Sacred rites should be done in making sure that the sacraments assist a person in achieving sanctity. A person taking sacrament should repeat gestures and words in a meaningful way to perceive them. The understanding of sacraments theologically and psychologically increases the

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