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Mini-Case#16. What are the advantages of Toyota’s system? (Term Paper Sample)


Do not need outside resources, its a mini case reponse to mini case 16. see all the requirement and mini case example in the attatchment. Also need to answer the question into the case.


1. 1. Compare and contrast Toyota’s manufacturing system with a conventional mass-production system. What are the advantages of Toyota’s system?
 2. 2. Describe the essential difference between the way supplier relations are managed at Toyota and how they were managed historically at the typical U.S. auto manufacturer. What are the consequences of these differences?
 3. 3. How does Toyota’s approach to customer relations influence its design and production planning process? What are the implications?
 4. 4. Do you think that the cooperation that Toyota has achieved with its suppliers and employees in Japan can be replicated in its overseas manufacturing operations? 
5. 5. What is the basis of Toyota’s competitive advantage? Is it imitable?


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Mini Case # 16
The outline of the case is as follows.
* Introduction
* Thesis statement
* Background of the problem
* Alternatives
* Purposed Solutions
* Recommendations
* Conclusion
The mini case response is related to Mini-case 16, “ Toyota: Lean Production and the Rise of the World’s Largest Automobile Manufacturer.” The material presented in the mini-case briefly describes the growth of Toyota and the challenges experienced by the company. The case indicates that Toyota Company has experienced significant growth since its inception. The company sold approximately 9.4 million vehicles globally in 2012, which made it the largest manufacturer in the globe. However, the worldwide financial crisis in 2008 to 2009 affected the company adversely. For instance, consumers’ demand for new vehicles decreased causing the globe’s vehicle manufacturing companies to experience losses. The mini-case focuses on examining how the Toyota Company could re-establish itself as the undisputed leader in the vehicle manufacturing sector, and how the company could stand out in the rapidly industrializing market place.
The following are key-problems or issues that will be addressed.
* Are there advantages of Toyota manufacturing system when compared with conventional mass production system?
* What are the consequences of the differences between supplier relations managed at Toyota and those managed historically at the United States manufacturer?
* How does Toyota relate to its customers? Does it affect its production and design planning process?

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