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Facebook Organization and Management Analysis (Term Paper Sample)


It is a Business Organization and Management term paper. It is necessary to use the concepts of the textbook "Management" 11e in the term paper. The attachments are the paper requirements, parts of the knowledge concepts conclusion and my outline. I wish I can upload my textbook too.


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Facebook Organization and Management Analysis
An inefficient organizational and management structure projects failure for any business entity as it will lack the ability to meet its goals and living up to its mission, vision, and/or its core values. A corporates mission, vision, or its core values should be enshrined to all the stakeholders involved in the daily activities of the firm. The market demand for customer satisfaction from which corporate entities stand to gain maximum profits is dependent on the upholding and practicing of the three aspects outlined in a corporate's overview. It is the organization and management structures that ensure compliance with the stipulations underwritten in the three elements depending on which a firm chooses to use. One of the primary stakeholders in a corporate entity is the staff members who also share different responsibilities unto which they are ranked in the organization structure. Facebook, Inc. is one of the most successful business corporations in the electronic media industry plying its trade in social media through range internet platforms provided by its diverse applications. Facebook focuses on enhancing people's connection to the world through a matrix system that embraces openness and collaboration among its various subsidiaries under its structural organization.
The organization structure and management strategies are fundamental factors that any successful corporation should take into consideration if they are to maintain the same status and make improvements in the foreseeable future (Robbins Stephen & Coulter Mary, 2011). Facebook, is in a very competitive market that is randomly creating new trends in innovative electronic media platforms. The firm thus requires a motivated workforce that is self-driven with the purpose to always emerge on top of the hierarchy in regards to innovation in the advancing information technology. Attaining and maintaining such a fete does not come easy and requires an organizational culture and management system that taps into individual talents and allows for their growth while continually nurturing new ones. Mark Zuckerberg founded the firm in 2004 and almost immediately its core value, Move Fast and Break Things, materialized in the 1200 sign-ups it acquired in just under 12 hours of the launch (Ashkenas, R., 2015). The firm moves fast indeed as in just over a decade it managed to make landmark acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp in deals worth a total of $20 billion, the latter accounting for $19 billion. Approximately 12,600 employees work for the global corporation in matrix organization split into various functional divisions through an open hierarchical system that connects the founder CEO to the programmers and designers at the bottom of the organizational structure (Ashkenas, R., 2015).
The social media network industry is worth billions of dollars through the digital online platforms of advertisement. The market demands for the industry are never constant at any given time always shifting depending on the evolving and emerging trends in social media technologies. Besides, firms in the industry desire to expand and diversify their products and services to remain relevant in the highly competitive market. Facebook invests in an efficient organizational structure with three function-based divisions that collaborate with efforts and inputs from all members of the staff working for the company (Robbins Stephen & Coulter Mary, 2011). One of the divisions, Corporate Function-Based Teams, consists of some small teams assigned various corporate tasks of overseeing the articulate performance of operations within the specific units. It includes the office of the CEO, finance, operations, research and development, r...

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