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Term Paper On Women Should Have Enough Freedom And Rights (Term Paper Sample)


The Thesis is that I feel that society has discriminated against women's rights, and that men have interfered with women's life and social life.
Be sure to write about women's homosexuality, women have the right to choose their sexual orientation, and modern society is a little discriminating against lesbians.


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Women Should Have Enough Freedom and Rights
In most of the ancient decades, women had to strive to secure equal rights and prerogatives as there was gender imparity across most of the societies. One of the reasons as to why women faced gender imparity and lacked freedom to exercise most of their rights were the ancient retrogressive beliefs and practices. Most of the ancient cultures glorified the male gender as they gave minimal consideration the female gender in most of the issues. Some of the women tried to protest and advocate for equality. In often occasions, most of the grievances women aired out ended in vain. The female gender activists fought against inequality through organized boycotts and regular street protests. A good example of the prominent female matriarchs who led the struggles was Abigail Adams. Abigail Adams expressed her desires for all the leaders in power to remedy substandard positioning of the female gender. She also promised a rebellion if the male leaders never considered her grievances. As evident in the recent centuries, women had outrageous demands for equal freedoms through organized movements. The paper discusses the way the contemporary society discriminates the women's rights thorough social lives where societies tend to hamper women's right to choose their sexual orientation in free will.
Cultural beliefs have been one of the major hindrances to women freedom. Most of the cultures seem to treat women as inherently inferior. Many jobs and duties often go to the male gender, as they appear strong and fit to dominate most of the fields (Fleming 840). In the ancient centuries, the belief of women being inferior and subjective to men was one of the major cultural perceptions globe perceived. Duties and occupations that brought income to the family were works left to men. The perspective can explain why most of the industries around the world have influx of men dominating as compared to the number of women working in the respective industries. Most of the business to date think that men are industrious employees as compared to women, which explains why most men dominate most if the businesses (Mantouvalou 3). The perception of men being stronger than women strikes gender imparity in most of the fields around the globe. Although, people need to be judged by the content of their character and not regarding gender as experienced in most of the global societies.
Another infringement of freedom is that most of the women lack latitude to choose their sexual orientation. Some people are homosexual, and others transgender while others are lesbians. One n

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