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Running in reality - The realistic moments in Joker (Term Paper Sample)


[1] Film: Joker (Phillips, 2019)
[2] Word limit: 1200-1300 words
[3] Key words: Realism & Mise-en-scène
[4] Analyze the following scenes of running in Joker. Discuss how the factors of Mise-en-scène(set design, lighting, space, &composition etc.) help create the realistic style.
The first scene: 00:02:08-00:02:58
The second scene: 00:34:10-00:34:30
The third scene: 01:31:42-01:32:25
[5] Compare the scenes above with the two running scenes in Jaws (Spielberg, 1975) and Independence Day (Emmerich, 1996). Compare the similarities and differences between them.
Jaws: 01:01:50-01:02:24
Independence Day: 00:49:13-00:49:36
[6] More analysis of scenarios, less introduction of concepts.


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Running in Reality - The Realistic Moments in Joker
Joker by Todd Philips stands alone on its genre with that approach to realistic theatre. The other comics and thrillers, with clowns, represent cartoon violence and unreal cinema outlook. Philips accomplishes a deep realistic background behind a real clown where nobody flies with weird makeup on the face. What we see in the real world is on screen in front of us with cinematographically sophisticated embellishment cramped in a convincing framework (Nierenberg 510). Tedd Philips, in his interviews, seems to emphasize on the deliberate realism devices to embody a movie in this genre with a fresh breeze. His intentional and thoughtful choice of cast and crew and other cinematic tactics contributing to a realism-oriented “Joker” worth appreciation.
Major five elements of Mise-en-scène in Joker are noteworthy in contributing to creating powerful action, the depth of psychological illness and chaos of modern society. Each element has too minute details to capture in words about how it paralleled with other fours to produce that unforgettable thriller (Nierenberg 510). The below are noticeable details of five elements in Joker.

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