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Choose one of four. Martin Luther’s Speech Analysis (Term Paper Sample)


Summary/Strong-Response Essay: 3-4 Pages

For your summary/strong-response essay, you need to select one of the four sources that we rhetorically evaluated in class:

1. Crito

2. The first two episodes of Making a Murderer: “Eighteen Years Lost” and “Turning the Tables”

3. John F. Kennedy’s “Moon” speech at Rice Stadium

4. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech

5. Wayne LaPierre’s interview on Meet the Press

6. Tom Wainwright’s article “If Economists Waged the Drug War --- Treat Narcotics as a Market to be Tamed, Not a Battle to be Fought."

Learn the material:

Once you have selected the material you would like to rhetorically evaluate, you need to begin the process of digging. That is, you need to learn, really learn the material about which you plan to write. Read or watch it again and again, jotting down notes and ideas. The more you do this, the better your rhetorically evaluation will be. The more knowledgeable you are about your subject, the better your writing will be.

Rhetorically evaluate the material:

What is/are the author’s/filmmakers’/interviewee’s/speaker’s purpose?
How effective is/are he/they at accomplishing his/their purpose?
How does their angle of vision or point of view affect their objectivity?
Who is his/their target audience and how well does/do they appeal to their audience?
How well does/do he/they balance the three appeals?
How does the medium and/or genre through which the material is funneled influence the presentation of that material?
Does/do he/they provide sufficient evidence to support his/their arguments?
Is/are they fair to his/their opposition?
Is/are his/their viewpoints biased?
Are you persuaded/convinced? Why or why not?

Once you have learned the material, consider how to organize your paper.


You will need an introduction, which should be roughly between four to six sentences, the last of which should be your thesis statement. Your thesis should state your evaluation in a single sentence. Your introduction should get right to the point.

First body paragraph:

In your first body paragraph, you will need to provide a succinct summary of the material. To write a successful summary, you first need a clear understanding of the main ideas, secondary points, and types of evidence he/they use to support his/their ideas and the logical connections of these ideas and the evidence. When you write your summary, you want to imagine that your audience has no knowledge of your subject. Therefore, you should convey both the overall picture and the details necessary for your audience’s understanding. Lastly, when you write a summary, you need to remain neutral on the topic.

Next three to five body paragraphs:

In these paragraphs, you will write your strong response/rhetorically evaluation of the material. Each paragraph should begin with a topic statement that makes an evaluative point about the material. You then need to provide information like quotes, details, and examples from the material to support the topic sentence. Your understanding of evaluation is important in writing these paragraphs. You are not agreeing or disagreeing with the author/filmmakers/interviewee/speaker, but how effectively or ineffectively he/they accomplish their purpose. So if you write about Making a Murderer, you should not make an argument for Avery’s innocence or guilt, but how well or how poorly or somewhere in between Demos and Ricciardi accomplish their purpose.


For your conclusion, I would like you to tell me in four to five sentences where your topic stands currently. For instance, if you write about Making a Murderer, I want to know Steven Avery’s current situation in his legal battle to exonerate himself in the Teresa Halbach murder.

Note: You are required to do research only for your conclusion, but if you would like to use more research in your paper, that is fine, but you will need to document your research.

You need to write this paper in third person and in present tense.

Finally, you should write your paper and cite your sources in MLA format. If you are unfamiliar with documenting sources in MLA, please see Chapter 24 in your textbook as a reference.

MLA Style: 12-point font, Times New Roman, Double Space


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Martin Luther’s Speech Analysis
In the modern world, the effects of colonialism are still being felt ta some parts of the world. This brings me to the choice of Martin Luther's speech as my article of analysis because it is symbolic of the effects of colonialism. Luther presents his speech at a time when the people need it most so that they can begin peaceful demonstration and, in turn, ensure that the rights of the minority are put into consideration. I am also in the agreement that all people are equal, and no one deserves an unequal treatment from other people. Therefore, this paper will look into the Martin Luther's speech and identify its purpose and the manner in which he has been able to reach the target audience.

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