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Primary Text: Jonathan Lethem - The Ecstasy of Influence (Term Paper Sample)


OBJECTIVE: To begin to make judgments about the issues, concerns, and questions your primary text raises. (Link at bottom)
Reread your primary essay (yet again!) more carefully, looking for the ways the writer presents information.
Following this close reading, render a 1-2-page assessment of the essay's reliability based primarily on your own powers of reasoning. Avoid "telling" ("I disagree with Lethem...")-- instead show HOW and WHY you disagree. Avoid blanket judgments. Consider your perspective as an art-maker and an art-goer. You might let some of these questions guide your overall thought process: Does the essay convince you? Can you spot flaws in the rationale of the presentation itself? Is there sufficient evidence? Is there something crucial missing from the argument? How do you recognize and assess those omissions? How do the claims hold up in theory AND in practice? Does the essay's reliability depend on the medium of art applied to it? Does the essay need to be updated? Again, use these questions to guide your approach but DO NOT restate and answer them systematically in your paper. Use your own language. Your assignment should have a clear beginning, middle, and end and should make sense to someone unfamiliar with the text. (And while it should go without saying, please remember to incorporate in-text citations and a Works Cited list.
Be creative, artistic, liberal.
Primary Text: Jonathan Lethem - Ecstasy of Influence:


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Literature and Language
18 October 2017
The Ecstasy of Influence
Jonathan Lethem is emotionally and intellectually engaging novelist who is able to capture readers from the beginning because of how he is able to link art to society. In addition, he also shows how values are expressed through art and its impact to society. These works are given more attention in his book, which highlights their meaning and remind people of what it means.
I enjoyed reading the book even if there are some inconsistencies that the author also claims to have done, but it still challenges other writers to get inspiration from Lethem's collection of essays. Those authors who have influenced future work are the ones that the author pertains to in this reading and he has an excellent reason for it which I agree with.
“The Ecstasy of Influence” is less of a collection and depiction of how Lethem sees himself in different aspects. At the same time, that is a great way to solve a problem for a project of this sort, which may seem less important than his actual work. The title essay is an inspiration to do a non-conformed wa

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