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Comparison of the Heroines in The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood and The Lady of the House of Love (Term Paper Sample)


Write a comparative essay on the given topics. The work must be a well-organized, analytical essay, and it must include a works cited page at the end. The final work should be 1350 words in length (the required information at the top of the page, the title, and the works cited page do not contribute to the word count.)
The introduction must state the paper's argument (thesis statement) and briefly explain how the paper will prove the argument.
The essay should be answered the topic correctly.
The document that I have attached is the books of the book of "The Lady of the House of Love".
Here is the link of "the Sleeping Beauty in the Woods":https://www(dot)worldoftales(dot)com/fairy_tales/Charles_Perrault/THE_SLEEPING_BEAUTY_IN_THE_WOODS.html
So the essay should compare the heroines in the stories.
If there is a problem feel free to message me.


Student’s Name:
Comparison of the Heroines in “The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood” and “The Lady of the House of Love”
The sleeping beauty in the wood is a fairytale involving family, music, animation, and romance. It is based on the story of a young girl put asleep by a fairy and was written by Charles Perrault in 1950s. The narrative represents the society at which the girl is bonded to be saved by the strong prince as the wish of the majority of the girls at that period. On the other hand, “The Lady of the House of Love” is a narrative that explores the ideas of the way the society entrap women to certain constraints. The story provides solutions on how women could break out of the constrained routines created by society. The two stories present a comparable approach of addressing the heroin in the society with their significant roles in shaping the position of the woman in the society through overcoming societal norms and constraints as discussed herein.

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