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Critical analysis of Calvin by Martine Leavitt. Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


This essay will focus on analyzing the characters: Calvin, Susie, and Hobbes in Martine Leavitt's Calvin and comparing the effectiveness of a sociologist critical approach and a jungian critical approach. The essay must be 10 paragraphs consisting of an introduction, paragraph explaining the first critical approach, one paragraph for each character listed above and how the critical approach is effective or not in analyzing the character, then a paragraph introducing the second critical approach, and one paragraph for each character listed above analyzing how the second critical approach is or isn't effective for analysis of the character, and a conclusion. each paragraph excluding the intro and conclusion must include one quotation from the book, and other evidence from the book and outside sources supporting the idea. structure.jpg outlines the paragraph structure required. Be sure to use "block method" NOT "every other".


Critical analysis of Calvin by Martine Leavitt
The novel Calvin by Martine Leavitt describes the struggles of a young boy named Calvin, in the book, Calvin mental illness alters his way of viewing things affecting his actions. The seventeen-year-old Calvin believes that his fate comes from the comic book by Bill Watterson. His name which is similar to the main character in the book, having a stuffed tiger called Hobbes, the fact that his best childhood friend is called Susie and having been born on the last date when the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes was published. Calvin is convinced that the solution to his mental illness lies with the author of the comic strip.
To understand Calvin’s struggles in trying to distinguish reality from his imagination, this paper will review the book using two approaches, the sociological and the psychological approach. From the sociological perspective, the paper will review the social attitudes, tendencies, and events to understand Calvin’s perception of his illness.

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