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The Nazi Rise To Power - A Lawful Act (Term Paper Sample)


In this assignment, you will be expected to read through a series of primary source documents, analyze them, and then answer prescribed questions that will allow you to compare and contrast, assess the legitimacy of the author’s viewpoint, and wrestle with complex problems in history in order to find resolution in your own balanced treatment.
Note that you have already received and read these sources and we have discussed them generally in class. You should be in a good position to understand them in their historical context and to answer the questions asked of you. It is important that you use these documents carefully by supporting general statements with specific examples drawn from the reading packet. This critical thinking component is essential, so don’t just give a narration and tell what each document says. Develop responses to the questions, answering each completely, but do so in a flowing and connected paper. Do NOT answer each question separately and apart from rest. You want to have the freedom to compare sources and argue for or against particular viewpoints, always based on the information in the sources. This is what makes history such an attractive discipline. You have the power to make your argument effective through strong organization, careful writing, and thoughtful reflection.


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The Nazi Rise to Power

Many people considered the Nazi rise to power as a lawful act, entirely endorsed by law. However, it was a revolution in which Hitler seized power. By 1932, Nazi became the most influential single party in Germany. Hitler realized that the party was influential across the nation and used the opportunity to manipulate President Hon Hindenburg to become the chancellor of the party. Even though the president declined the proposal, Hitler still insisted that he would bring a lot of changes in the nation through the party.

Hitler realized that the strategy would be critical in controlling national politics and seized the opportunity. It is evident after he pressured Hon Hindenburg and got the title of a chancellor on January 30, 1993. It was due to political pressure and not any legality of the law. He stressed the legality of the Nazi assumption of power by dismantling the Weimar constitution and the formation of the Enabling Act, which enhanced Hitler and his Reich Cabinet to give regulations that could diverge from the conventional constitution (3). In essence, the Nazi rise to power was a selfish practice established by Hitler for his political gains and not the unity of the nation.

On September 1934, Hitler held a speech where he was addressing the equality of men and women in the political area. He stated that women and men played a critical role in society, and they needed equal opportunities. Hitler believed that women played an essential role in enhancing his political supremacy, and thus, they also needed a chance in politics. Contrary to the common misconception that women were inferior to men, Hitler established the National Socialist Women’s Movement, which would bring empowerment to women to believe in themselves and practice any political activity in the nation. Hitler did not value the role of women due to the love he had for them. However, he received 88 percent of the votes from women plebiscite and assumed the title “Reichfьhrer” (6). As such, he supported them for a political gain.

The establishment of family stability with the roles clearly defined was critical to the future of Nazi society. People would come together and establish the social ties that they would implement in any setting to work towards the goals of the community. Mostly, the goals were to make people come together and ensure they supported one another in the political sphere when women were despised (7). Hitler believed that offering women an opportunity to lead in the society would create an environment where every person would be appreciated in the community regardless of the political, social, or financial differences.

According to Hanna Schmitt, women were restricted in Nazi society due to the suppression they received from the male gender. They were seen as inferior human beings that could not match the ability of men. Women were seen as sex objects, and the society was so much against them such that in case anything negative happened, it was directed to women. They were restricted to specific roles such as being housewives and not professionals like their counterparts. The Nazis stated that they respected homemakers and mothers (9). It is a different ideology as women were never allowed to express their power and proficiency. They did not get the support they required, and thus, could not fight for their rights in society.
Hitler started to showcase leadership skills at a t

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