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The Impact of World War 1 on the Home Front (Term Paper Sample)


Topic :1) Discuss the impact of World War 1 on the home front. Include in your answer the effects of the war on business, labor, African, Americans, Women and civil liberties. 2) In what ways did World War 1 shape our world today ? Each topic should be a page long.

The Impact of World War 1 on the Home Front
The World War 1 of 1914 to 1918 changed many countries’ sectors to adapt to the ongoing war. The great impact was felt on home fronts especially for countries participating in the war. Social, economic, and political aspects were oriented towards military demands (Brinkley 10). Governments invented ways to sustain their participation in the war since the war had extended beyond their expectation. There was immense pressure on civilians to become actively involved to produce supplies for the military. For example, Britain extended working hours to meet war demands (Pocatello Idaho 4). All resources were directed towards war as governments increased taxes to cope with the war demands. All resources were mobilized and channeled to the war. Large corporations benefited from this action to produce huge military supplies. Economies of countries like USA increased tremendously to become one of the strongest industrial super powers in the world (Pocatello Idaho 4).
With time, human resource became scarce; shortage of labour was experienced in industries as active young men were sent to the battlefields. To replace the gap left by men, women were forced to work in industries. The roles of women were altered; previously women were restricted to domestic roles. The position of women in the society changed to meet the growing demands of war. Women took up roles in war-related industries such as making weapons in factories. In addition, labor shortage gave African Americans the opportunity to escape from discrimination. They moved from South to North America during the great industrial migration to free themselves from slavery. Owing to the economic pressure, there was a great migration of population to industrial centers to take the advantage of the gap that the war had created. However, this came with a new twist because as unions grew from the vast pollution in industrial centers, strikes became common due to low wages (Grayzel 12). After the war, civil rights movements rose aimed at fighting the segregation of the black communities in the schools, hospitals and employment sectors. This is because the people had developed faith that the increased number of military personnel would protect their civil rights (Brinkl...
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