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The Compromise of 1876, Wounded Knee (Term Paper Sample)


For each topic ( 14th Amendment , The compromise of 1876 , Wounded Knee ) Describe the event, the context in which it took place, and why it is considered a turning point in American history. Each topic has to be a page and use any sources and also history book 13th edition will be great.

“14th Amendment, The compromise of 1876, Wounded Knee”
The compromise of 1876
In the wake of 1870s there was a widespread agenda to diminish the black votes and curb the Republican support through use of violence and intimidation. The Democrats in a term they referred to as “redemption” vowed to return to power as the Republican coalition failed.
As soon as they were elected in office, the Democrats reverted all the changes to the constitution made by the Republicans. They made laws that ensured a powerless black fraternity. During the 1876 election, there ensued a fight between the Republican Rutherford Birchard Hayes and the Democrat Samuel Tilden where Tilden had won the popular vote but three Republican states had some disputes and the winner was challenged. A commission consisting of 15 congress men and a Supreme Court judge nullified the win two days prior to inauguration. Hayes was declared the winner along party lines with an 8-7 vote. The Southern democrats threatened to rebel over rigged election forcing another deal to pacify them. The placating deal was referred to as “The Compromise” (Rhodes, 1906).
Majority of Americans believe The Compromise postponed the American Civil War for a decade by allowing the free economy in the Northern states to flourish.
14th Amendment
The Republicans had an ambitious plan to reconstruct which unfortunately failed. Even though with the failure, they managed to have at least two amendments the 14th and 15th amendments. The 14th amendment was approved in the year 1868. Before the law, the African Americans were not entitled to any property. The law therefore allowed former slaves to be recognized as owners of property and also citizenship to the country. In addition to the acceptance to own property and other related rights in the country; the law also prohibited anyone to be denied ownership to anything without following the due process of law. Maintaining the rights of the blacks meant a longer period of military rule which neither the Republicans nor the Democrats wanted. They would then come to reclaim the rights of the black in the 1960s (Primary Documents in American History).
The 14th amendment greatly enhanced protection of civil rights to the American citizens. As a result, the African Americans would now enjoy a number of rights in accordance to the law.
The Wounded Knee
The late 19th century saw a new policy implemented for the Native Americans. In the new policy, the Native Americans were not isolated on reservations as had been the case; they would be assimilated owning private farms. They received among individual plots and farm equipment. However, only a few people benefited from the scheme (Gitlin 2011).
In the year 1890, the American government against the Native Americans carried out a disarmament exercise at the Battle of Wounded Knee. Following the surrender of the weapons, the federal troops shot the group of Sioux. The massacre led to the death of more than 300 men, women and children. This massacre would mark the end of resistance to se...
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