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The Russian Revolution. What happened? Why was it important? (Term Paper Sample)


The paper should cover :
Causes and effects, such as key moments
What happened
Why did it happen
Why was it important
What was gained from this happening
Course requirements also include a Term Paper, also counting for 30% of the Final Grade and consisting of a title page, 7-10 pages of text, as well as footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography and should follow the rules of Turabian or the MLA Style Sheet. Bibliographies must include at least 6 bobooks; Internet entries may be used but do not substitute for books.


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Russian Revolution
On March 12th 1918 in the Julian calendar, Tsar Nicholas II abdicated. Russia for the first time in 300 years had a person not of the Romanov royal family heading the country. His abdication was not voluntary, rather Nicholas II had been ousted by his people with the help of the parliamentary system he had set up known as duma. The abdication of the king marked the end of the first phase of the Russian revolution. Nearly eight months later, the provisional government which had seized power from the king was overthrown marking the second and the end of the Russian revolution. The Russian revolution is one of the most influential political upheavals of the 20th century was the Russian revolution. It ended the centuries-old Romanov monarchial rule and was replaced by a communist government. Leading to the two major revolutions that instituted the Soviet Union, tensions had been rising for over a decadeCITATION Han15 \p 76 \l 1033 (Dalton 76). This essay will attempt to explicate what caused the revolution, how it happened and its importance to Russian and world history.

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